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Latin America

“Hands Off Venezuela” welcomes Chávez in Vienna

Hands Off Venezuela (Austria) | May 12, 2006

Bolivian government takes back control of hydrocarbons

Jorge Martin - www.marxist.com | May 8, 2006

Jorge Martin Speaks in Edmonton, AB

Marhaen Soepratman | May 8, 2006

Trade-union elections in ALCASA – Campaigning for revolutionary class struggle policies

Andreas Bülow and Hermann Albrecht | January 14, 2006

Eye-witness report from ALCASA: Workers’ control unfolding in Venezuela

Andreas Bülow | January 5, 2006

2006: The Year of Latin American Revolutions — Important lessons for Canadian workers

Fightback editorial board | December 31, 2005

Bolivia after the election victory of the MAS — Morales cannot serve two masters

Jorge Martín | December 31, 2005

Morales wins massive vote in Bolivian elections — Which way will he go now?

Jorge Martín | December 19, 2005

Marxism, parliament and the Venezuelan Revolution — Venezuela after the elections… what now?

Alan Woods | December 18, 2005

Bolivian Elections — What position should Marxists take?

Jorge Martín | December 15, 2005

Ontario Federation of Labour passes resolution endorsing Hands Off Venezuela

Hands Off Venezuela Canada | November 30, 2005

Hands Off Venezuela endorsed by the North and South Okanagan Labour Councils

Hands Off Venezuela Canada | November 30, 2005

Revolution in Bolivia: All Power to the Popular Assemblies!

Alan Woods | July 8, 2005

ONTARIO: Hands off Venezuela successfully launched in Toronto

Camilo Cahis | February 28, 2005

QUEBEC: Hands off Venezuela takes to the streets in Montreal

Lorenzo Fiorito | September 30, 2004

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