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Auditor general hides $786-billion COVID bailout to corporations 

Renu Brar | January 10, 2023

Children’s hospitals in crisis as respiratory illnesses surge: Workers need paid sick leave now!

Matthew Puddister | November 25, 2022

‘Working class people were left to die’: Interview with palliative care physician Amit Arya

Jahan Niroomand | July 15, 2022

Reckless removal of COVID measures by provinces will cost lives of workers

Adam Zeineddine | March 2, 2022

Eyewitness report from Calgary counter-demo against anti-vax, anti-mask protesters

Danielle Schroder | February 28, 2022

‘Learn to live with COVID’ is a death sentence for disabled people

Kayla Rose Kendall | February 18, 2022

Edmonton students stage walkout and rally against lifting of mask mandate

Elle Kay | February 15, 2022

Ottawa residents take matters into their own hands

Socialist Fightback Ottawa | February 14, 2022

Nursing shortage: Raise wages and make schooling free

Ben Marenlensky | February 9, 2022

Eyewitness reports from Convoy counter-protests: Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto

Fightback | February 7, 2022

‘Freedom Convoy’—a warning to the labour movement

Rob Lyon | February 5, 2022

How the ruling class learned to stop worrying and love the virus

Benoît Tanguay | January 31, 2022

Teachers across Canada speak out against unsafe school re-openings amid Omicron wave

Labour Fightback | January 31, 2022

Anti-vax convoy misdirection of truckers’ anger

Marcus Katryniuk | January 28, 2022

Grocery tycoons refuse to implement hazard pay despite making record profits

Connor Bennett and Kat Mohkami | January 28, 2022

Capitalism’s casualties

Doug Jacklin | January 26, 2022

Shameless downplaying of deaths in new wave of pandemic

Kayla Rose Kendall | January 25, 2022

Anti-vax tax: The CAQ’s latest trick to distract from their disaster

Hélène Bissonnette | January 20, 2022

Quebec back to school: The CAQ is heading for disaster

François Cremer | January 17, 2022

Canada reduces support for workers as benefits for businesses increase

Geoff Hayworth | January 14, 2022

Code Red: Paramedic shortage shows crisis in Ontario healthcare

Kayla Rose Kendall | January 11, 2022

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