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Pledge a day’s wage per month or a one-time amount to help build the RCP

RCP Founding Congress
May 18-20, 2024 • Montreal

Pledge a day’s wage per month or a one-time amount to help build the RCP.
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Our program

Expropriation of the commanding heights of the economy: the top 150 banks and corporations

Break with the anarchy of the capitalist free market. No compensation to the millionaires, only those in genuine need. All nationalized enterprises to be run by workers’ control and management and integrated through a democratic socialist plan of production.

Full employment and decent wages for all

For a 32 hour work-week with no loss of pay. No lay-offs. The right to a job, decent benefits, or a place in education. A national minimum wage of at least two-thirds of the average wage. For voluntary retirement at age 55 with a full pension for all. For benefits tied to a living wage for all those sick, disabled and unable to work.

For class struggle unionism

Strike against contracting-out and privatization. Defy back-to-work legislation. Picket lines mean do not cross. Fight scabs with a hard picket policy. For a mass unionization campaign fighting for card-check certification. No union should ever sign a two-tier contract. Occupy and nationalize closed factories.

For genuinely universal health care

Massively increase funding. Implement universal health care including pharmaceutical, dental, optometry and mental health services, free at the point of use. Abolish private health care. Nationalize the pharmaceutical giants that squeeze their profits out of the health of working people. For free, high quality, nationalized, long term care to end the murderous profiteering that is killing our elders.

Free education

Fund our schools and colleges. End the corporatization of education. Scrap tuition fees and loans, for living grants and life-long learning for all. Cancel student debt. Abolish corporate boards of governors, to be replaced with elected representatives of students, staff and the local community.

End the housing crisis

Ban evictions. Defend encampments. Expropriate empty properties to house the homeless. Nationalize parasitic property developers and big landlords and initiate a mass program to build social housing. Cap rent at 10% of wages. Housing must not be a speculative investment, it is a basic human need.

For class struggle against racism

Scrap all racist immigration and asylum controls. Workers unity is the way to defeat the racists and the conditions that breed racism. No trust in the capitalist state to fight the far right. The workers movement must use class struggle methods to fight police violence.

End oppression based on gender and sexual orientation

Equal pay for work of equal value. For the socialization of domestic tasks and free universal childcare. For fully funded reproductive services, including abortion. For the right to gender transition services. Fund shelters. No to discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.

For socialist environmentalism

Only socialism can save the planet and protect jobs. Nationalize the land, major industries, oil, mining, logging, energy and transport and integrate them in a socialist environmental plan of production. Oppose pipelines that endanger the environment, violate Indigenous sovereignty and export union jobs abroad. Environmental plans should be measured in generations, not fiscal quarters.

A socialized plan of production for the fisheries, timber and agriculture

End the anarchy of the market in the resource industry. Stop the export of raw logs to low wage, non-union plants. Nationalize the supermarkets, agro-chemical companies and food giants that destroy farmers’ livelihoods. Initiate a voluntary socialized plan of production for farming that would protect farmers’ jobs and security. Expropriate the corporate fisheries processors and distributors and develop a socialist plan to manage the resource and guarantee jobs.

An end to centuries of oppression against First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples

End the boil water advisories, no matter what the cost. No pipelines or developments on Indigenous land without employment, economic benefit and Indigenous consent. Land and resource rights to all Indigenous peoples. End the poverty on and off the reserves. Indigenous people must be able to democratically control their own fate. Revolution, not reconciliation.

The right to self-determination for Québec

Scrap the misnamed Clarity Act. The workers movement in English Canada must defend the democratic right to self-determination of the people of Quebec which is violated by the federal state. The workers movement in Quebec must expose the bourgeois nationalists and argue for class unity against the capitalists, regardless of nationality. Unite with Quebec workers to overthrow the federal state. For a voluntary union of a socialist Quebec and a socialist Canada with the guaranteed right of self determination.

For workers’ democracy

Abolish the Monarchy, the governor general and the Senate. For the right of recall of all elected officials. No MP to make more than the average wage of a worker. For the election of all union officials at the same wage as the workers they represent. For workers’ democratic control of production.

Socialist Internationalism

Fight Canadian and US imperialism. Hands off Cuba and Venezuela. No arms to Saudi Arabia. Free Palestine. No support for Israeli imperialism. Expose imperialist hypocrisy on human rights, they have blood on their hands. Fight corporate “free trade” with workers’ internationalism, not economic nationalism. For a socialist federation of the Americas as part of a world socialist federation.