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Bell Media cuts 4,800 jobs—time to expropriate the telecoms!

Azriel Kerbel | February 15, 2024


Lenin: 100 years on – new issue of ‘In Defence of Marxism’ magazine out now!

In Defence of Marxism | February 15, 2024


Mount Sinai lies: How low can the ruling class go to slander Palestine solidarity?

M.A. Olanick | February 14, 2024

Israel & Palestine

Rafah onslaught: The spark that could set the Middle East alight

Fred Weston | February 14, 2024

Middle East

Love and the decay of capitalism  

Marcus Katryniuk | February 14, 2024

Culture & Philosophy

Alan Woods on world perspectives: Crisis, class struggle and the tasks of the communists

Alan Woods | February 13, 2024


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Why we need Communist Revolution

Communist Revolution | January 5, 2024

What can communists do to free Palestine?

Communist Revolution | October 20, 2023

Down with hypocrisy! Defend Gaza! – IMT statement

International Marxist Tendency | October 11, 2023

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