• Edmonton Marxist Summer School 2019

    Building off our our successes out east with the Marxist Winter School in Montreal, we launch the first ever Edmonton Marxist Summer School! Read More +
  • Marxism vs Identity Politics

    This document is a call to intensify the theoretical and political struggle against idealistic and postmodernist alien class ideas, which have affected for some time a layer of activists in academic circles and are also being used in a reactionary manner within the international workers' movement. Read More +
  • GM, Canada Post, and the death of the post-war social contract

    On Monday, 26th November, 2018 Canada’s post-war social contract finally died, after a long period of ill health. Read More +
  • Canadian hypocrisy in Venezuelan coup-d'etat

    Working hand-in-hand with the Trump administration, the Canadian government has been at the forefront of the attempt to artificially install Venezuela National Assembly president Juan Guaido as president. Read More +
  • What's wrong with Jagmeet Singh?

    Throughout Canada, Singh still faces an electorate which largely dislikes him. The party he leads has failed to resonate with working class voters, and is shedding both money and MPs at a worrying pace. Read More +
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Fightback No. 128 (June 2019)

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