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Canadian bosses face rising wave of strikes

Isa Al-Jaza’iri | Sep 29, 2022

Legal Aid Alberta fights UCP Austerity: Justice for the rich, none for the poor

Timothy Schwarz | Sep 28, 2022

Beat Bill 124 on the Picket Lines!

Renu Brar | Sep 21, 2022

British Columbia: BCGEU capitulates on COLA

Rob Lyon | Sep 15, 2022

Don’t quiet quit, strike loudly!

Elle Kay | Sep 8, 2022

Toronto labour council crosses OPSEU picket lines and suppresses radical youth at Labour Day

Jahan Niroomand | Sep 6, 2022

British Columbia: The BCGEU strike and the fate of the NDP

Rob Lyon | Sep 2, 2022

Starbucks workers serve up shot of strike action in fight for union rights

Donovan Ritch | Sep 1, 2022

Education workers fight back against inflation!

Vladimira G., Miko B. and Hermes A. (rank-and-file members of CUPE 4400) | Aug 26, 2022

Union busting and public endangerment: OPSEU safety inspectors speak out

Audrey Sides | Aug 25, 2022

‘We’re unionizing the world’s most valuable company’: Interview with an Apple worker

Socialist Revolution, U.S.A. | Aug 22, 2022

B.C. government employees strike for COLA

Adam Beech | Aug 17, 2022

Jerry Dias clique loses Unifor leadership—but does Lana Payne represent real change?

Jahan Niroomand, Unifor (CFU) rank-and-file member | Aug 15, 2022

Safety vs government cuts: TSSA inspectors strike to ensure public safety put at risk by the Ford government

Puria Pezeshki | Aug 4, 2022

‘Billionaires, they gotta go!’: 4,000 labour activists gather in Chicago for Labor Notes 2022 Conference

Jahan Niroomand | Jul 12, 2022

Picket Lines Mean Do Not Cross campaign launches in Edmonton!

Fightback Alberta | Jun 30, 2022

CN workers strike against inflation

Sascha Houpt | Jun 23, 2022

Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers can’t afford to pay for Canada Post’s fuel

Jordan C and Donovan Ritch | Jun 20, 2022

Amazon unionization campaign spreads to Canada: Victory to the workers!

David Dessalines & Benoît Tanguay | Jun 15, 2022

Starbucks fires back against only unionized store in Canada

Tristan Cyr | Jun 7, 2022

USA: workers begin the long fight against Amazon

Jon Lange and Tom Trottier | May 26, 2022

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