Following the anti-war demonstration this past weekend, over a dozen people showed up at a downtown pub to launch the Hands off Venezuela campaign in Toronto.

Although there were some logistical problems in arranging the event, there was a good turnout of people interested in getting actively involved in co-ordinating the HoV campaign. Some of the participants did not know much about the events happening in Venezuela but were interested in the fact that Venezuela has been successful in opposing US, European, and Canadian imperialism.

A member of Fightback introduced the Hands off Venezuela campaign, and in particular, highlighted the success of HoV in Europe and Pakistan. As well, he mentioned the role that HoV played in garnering support for the nationalization of the Venepal paper mill.

An HoV co-ordinating committee was elected and is to meet to plan the first HoV event in Toronto. Hands off Venezuela aims to build solidarity with the Venezuelan Revolution, and prevent the international isolation of Venezuela by dispelling the lies put out by the bourgeois press. More importantly, Hands off Venezuela intends to reach out to workers and youth and inform them of what is going on in Venezuela. There, workers, youth, peasants, and the poor have begun to take control of their lives. There is no reason why the workers and youth of Canada cannot do the same!

If you are interested in getting involved with the Hands off Venezuela campaign, contact toronto [at], or canada [at] in the rest of Canada.

March, 2005