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Latin America

Repression and negotiations defuse the Honduran resistance movement

Jorge Martín | October 28, 2009

“The Other Chávez” visits Toronto

Maria Páez Victor (Bolivarian Circle "Louis Riel"/Hands Off Venezuela) | October 20, 2009

The Venezuelan Revolution at the Forum Social Québécois

Hands Off Venezuela/Société Bolivarienne du Québec | October 17, 2009

Canadian premiere of “FRETECO: Occupied Factories and Workers’ Control in Venezuela”

Jennie Ernewein | October 15, 2009

Honduran regime resorts to oppression: Insurrection in working class neighbourhoods

Jorge Martín | September 23, 2009

Mel Zelaya back in Honduras: Now mass action needed to overthrow the coup

Jorge Martín | September 22, 2009

Honduras: Seven weeks of unabated resistance despite brutal repression of the coup regime

Jorge Martín | August 18, 2009

Hands Off Venezuela delegation meets with Montreal consulate

Arash Azizi - Hands Off Venezuela (Canada) | July 14, 2009

Second Latin American Meeting of Worker-Recovered Factories: “Our solidarity is permanent”

GM | July 8, 2009

Defeat the reactionary coup in Honduras: Mass mobilisations in the street and general strike!

Jorge Martín | July 2, 2009

De Caracas à Montréal: Un autre monde est possible

Emerson Silva (HOV/SBQ) et Nichola Richer (Tendance Marxiste Internationale) | June 19, 2009

Where is Cuba Going? Report from successful Toronto meeting

Cora James (HOV Toronto/Bolivarian Circle "Louis Riel") | June 11, 2009

Venezuela: Five iron and steel plants, and the Carabobo Ceramics, nationalized

Hermann Albrecht (CMR Venezuela) | June 3, 2009

Historic meeting as Toronto HOV merges with Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel”

Camilo Cahis and Jennie Ernewein | April 24, 2009

[Video] FRETECO: Occupied Factories and Workers’ Control in Venezuela

U.S. Hands Off Venezuela | April 13, 2009

Venezuela: Big Victory for the Revolution, Time to Build Socialism in Practice!

Patrick Larsen in Venezuela | February 17, 2009

[From HoV] – Cross-Canada Demonstration in Support of Venezuelan Referendum

HOV Canada and Société Bolivarienne du Québec. | February 17, 2009

Venezuela: Police officers involved in repression against Mitsubishi workers suspended

Jorge Martin | February 2, 2009

URGENT: Two workers killed in Venezuela, while defending the occupied Mitsubitshi factory

www.marxist.com | January 30, 2009

Venezuela: three trade union leaders killed, wave of counter-revolutionary threats and intimidation

Jorge Martín | December 1, 2008

Bolivia: as the reactionary coup unfolds, action is needed!

Jorge Martin | September 15, 2008

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