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Should Marxists fight for electoral reform?

Benoît Tanguay | October 14, 2022

Status quo election in Quebec in the midst of capitalist crisis

Julien Arseneau | September 27, 2022

The hue and cry over immigration in the Quebec election

Sara Farah | September 23, 2022

Montreal corporate Pride parade cancelled: Thousands march anyway

Koral Samsa | August 12, 2022

Legault’s Bill 96: Dividing and distracting in the service of capitalism

Vincent R. Beaudoin | April 12, 2022

Ten years since the 2012 Quebec student strike

Benoît Tanguay | March 22, 2022

Valérie Plante sets record for police budget while turning her back on homelessness

Kat Mohkami and Connor Bennett | March 14, 2022

Police double standards : The ‘Freedom’ Convoy in Montreal

Mathieu Charbonneau | February 16, 2022

McGill administration forces students back to unsafe classes

Alexander Seyva | February 3, 2022

Anti-vax tax: The CAQ’s latest trick to distract from their disaster

Hélène Bissonnette | January 20, 2022

Quebec back to school: The CAQ is heading for disaster

François Cremer | January 17, 2022

Quebec teacher removed because of Bill 21: Nothing to do with secularism, everything to do with racism

Benoît Tanguay | December 15, 2021

They knew and did nothing: The CAQ’s role in the long-term care catastrophe

Connor Bennet | December 9, 2021

The strike continues in Quebec daycares: Don’t back down!

La Riposte socialiste | December 7, 2021

Strike at SAQ warehouse: Shame on the bosses, victory to the workers!

Ben Marenlensky | November 25, 2021

Québec solidaire congress 2021: ‘Preparing to govern’ …capitalism

Julien Arseneau | November 24, 2021

CMHC gifts $10 billion to developers to build (un)’affordable’ housing

Nichola B. | November 4, 2021

Québec solidaire must fight for socialism!

Québec International Marxist Tendency Collective | October 26, 2021

The petite noirceur of François Legault

Benoît Tanguay | October 6, 2021

The Montreal English School Board denies Quebec nationhood—Fight the poison of Anglo-chauvinism!

Calvin Brett | September 22, 2021

‘The question’ in the English-language debate: A reactionary circus from beginning to end

Julien Arseneau | September 18, 2021

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