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Pledge a day’s wage per month or a one-time amount to help build the RCP.
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Lenin and Tolstoy

M.A. Olanick | April 18, 2024

A communist critique of mutual aid

Josie Seaton | April 16, 2024

Why we need a Communist International – season FINALE!

Spectre of Communism Podcast | April 11, 2024

Why we need a communist international

Alan Woods | April 5, 2024

Manifesto of the Revolutionary Communist Party

Communist Revolution | April 2, 2024

Biden sheds crocodile tears while supporting genocide

Fred Weston | April 1, 2024

Lenin, communism and the emancipation of women

Marie Frederiksen | March 8, 2024

Interview with a frontline worker: Domestic violence shelters and capitalist crisis

Niki A., frontline shelter worker | March 7, 2024

Lenin: 100 years on – new issue of ‘In Defence of Marxism’ magazine out now!

In Defence of Marxism | February 15, 2024

Love and the decay of capitalism  

Marcus Katryniuk | February 14, 2024

Alan Woods on world perspectives: Crisis, class struggle and the tasks of the communists

Alan Woods | February 13, 2024

Review: ‘In Defence of Lenin’ by Rob Sewell and Alan Woods

John McInally | February 8, 2024

China and its role in the world

Jorge Martín | February 7, 2024

The relevance of Lenin’s ‘Imperialism’ today

Rui Faustino | February 5, 2024

The party the working class needs

Benoît Tanguay | February 2, 2024

Keith Haring: Is ‘art for everybody’ possible under capitalism?

Daniel DaRosa and Josie Seaton | February 1, 2024

Why we are Leninists

Julien Arseneau | January 21, 2024

Bolshevism vs. Stalinism

Holly Quilty | January 19, 2024

UN report gives Trudeau an ‘F’ on climate action

Maral Nour | December 11, 2023

Did boycotts, divestment and sanctions overthrow the Apartheid regime in South Africa?

Ben Morken | December 6, 2023

Kenya Mau Mau uprising: When British imperialism conducted a colonial war of terror in ‘self-defence’

Oliver Brotherton | November 24, 2023

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