On the weekend of February 17-18, over 600 Communists gathered to launch the Revolutionary Communist Party. 

We do this to confront the profound crisis that capitalism has brought upon us. From mass impoverishment to environmental destruction to racism and war—society seems to be tearing itself apart, convulsed in an ever worsening downward spiral. 

Capitalism cannot be “fixed”—as a system based on private ownership and private profit, it is operating as expected. It is not just a few bad apples, it is the system as a whole. 

Staring over the cliff, into the morass of capitalist barbarism, we proudly hold up the banner of Communist Revolution as the way out of this mess.

It is in this context that we, Communists in Canada, are planting our flag on the political soil of this country. 

Here is a video recording of the presentation given for the closing of the Montreal Marxist Winter School in February announcing the launch of the RCP!

If you hate this system, this is your party. 

If you want a revolution, this is your party. 

If you want communism, this is your party.

Join us and we will build a new world.