2020 has exposed the horrors of capitalism to more people than ever before. From the inability of governments to manage the pandemic, to murderous racist police, to the chaos of the US election and beyond, the system that most have taken for granted for so long is decaying before our very eyes. In the midst of all of this, the working class and youth are looking for answers, and increasing numbers are turning towards Marxism.

While the world appears to be falling apart, the forces of revolutionary Marxism in Canada are as active as ever, and growing. In February we held our largest-ever in-person Marxist event in Canada, with the 10th annual Marxist Winter School in Montreal. Over 250 people registered, from across Canada and internationally, attending a weekend full of discussions on the fight against imperialism. 

As the pandemic took hold and cities around the world went into lockdown, we did not let that impede our organizing. In May, we co-organized the second annual Labour-led May Day rally. With participation from major unions and labour councils, 4,000 people attended online, rallying behind the demands: For a stay-at-home strike for full compensation and comprehensive PPE for all workers, Fight capitalism, and Workers of the world and oppressed peoples unite! In September, our online organizing continued with the Canadian Marxist University, a series of events that covered both the most fundamental elements of Marxism and the most pressing issues that face the working class today. Over 1,000 people registered, participated, and tuned into these events. 

Despite the pandemic, our activity has not been limited to the online sphere. In the past year, our activists have participated in the Black Lives Matter movement, supported Alberta nurses during their wildcat strike, organized for the release of comrade Amar Fayaz who was kidnapped by the Pakistan government, and shown solidarity with Indigenous struggles across Canada. The latter of these was supported by our release of Revolution not Reconciliation: Indigenous Struggle and the Fight for Socialism. This document presents a Marxist analysis and approach to the Indigenous struggle in Canada, and is the result of many years study and activism.  

As both the forces of Marxism and the pace of world events are increasing, we have decided that Fightback must move from a monthly publication schedule to a fortnightly. However, we cannot take this step on our own. We need the help of all those who support socialism and class struggle, to expand the reach of Marxist ideas, and hit the 1,000 subscriber mark. If you support our work, if you support revolution, take out a subscription. Workers and youth are searching for solutions to the crisis of capitalism, and Marxism provides the only answer. By spreading our ideas, we can build the forces necessary to put this decaying system to rest  once and for all. 

The Fightback editorial board will be taking a break over the holidays, and will resume publishing the week of Jan. 4.