All aspects of the coronavirus crisis point to an inescapable conclusion: the capitalist system is responsible. The first reflex of governments in the current crisis has not been to protect people, but to protect big business and maintain high profits for them. Workers are left not knowing if they will have an income, a roof over their head, or if they will be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. One thing we can say for certain, is that everywhere it will be workers who are the first victims of the health crisis – as well as of the economic crisis that is beginning. Decades of austerity and cutbacks have created a health care system that is overburdened and overstretched in normal times, and is utterly unprepared to stop the spread of the virus. The capitalist system is sick, and we must replace it before it infects the entire planet!

Sooner or later, workers and young people will want to settle scores. And a growing number of people will seek to fight the capitalist system that has allowed such a crisis to occur. 

In this context, a revolutionary organization that defends a socialist perspective will be needed more than ever. This is what Fightback is trying to build. In the face of crisis, we are continuing our work, and we need YOU to do it!

While we are asked to stay home unless it’s necessary to go out, there is still room for socialist organizing online! Since we can no longer hold public events, Fightback will continue its activities and organize regular Marxist discussion circles online. We invite you to contact us to join a reading group. There is no better preparation for the struggles ahead than to be educated in Marxist ideas and their application today. 

There has never been a better time to fight for a socialist solution to the problems of workers and youth. If you want to join the struggle for socialism, contact us today!

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