Source: Communist Revolution

Comrades of the Revolutionary Communist Party have taken to agitating in public, bringing communist ideas to every neighbourhood we are present in.

Every day, working people everywhere accumulate resentment towards this unjust system. It’s a ubiquitous rage towards their bosses, at the slaughter in Gaza, at the poverty on reserves, and at every other persistent injustice. On the street, at work, and even on the internet, they find nothing that puts their anger into words.

We need to be there to express their feelings. We need to make conscious their unconscious striving for communism. 

This is the art of agitation: distilling Marxist ideas into a concise, understandable public speech, in an effort to win people to communism. 

All that is required is to expose the cruelty of the system, to expose any of the problems working class people are forced to deal with, and to make an argument for the communist solution. The most resounding speeches will be the ones that passionately connect with the shared feelings of the working class. We need to speak from the heart

However, the content should never just be a repetition of all the problems that people face, telling workers what they already know. What solutions are we proposing? What burning questions are we answering? 

This can be done virtually anywhere with high foot traffic. In your school, on the street, even on the subway. Wherever there are everyday people, there are class–fighters–in–waiting. 

Agitation is not the end in and of itself. Look out for people who nod in approval, get their contact information, and organize a meeting to discuss what can be done to fight for communism. Make sure someone is filming and put it up on social media.

At MacEwan University, for example, our comrade Connor made a speech denouncing the Canadian state’s role in the Israeli war on Palestine, denouncing universities that crack down on Palestine solidarity, and calling for students to get organized.

Connor was given a round of applause by the cafeteria, and a handful of students rushed up to learn more about what can be done to fight. 

Communists should take every opportunity to find all the conscious—or unconscious—class fighters, rouse them from their slumber, unleash their anger, and organize them into a fighting force, with the RCP. 

Our detractors, who are probably very sensitive to petty–bourgeois public opinion, have already complained that our tactics are too loud and uncouth.

We would be embarrassed to sit idle while the world burned.