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2012 archive

Marxist sympathizer shot in Swat – Barbarism must not prevail!

Alan Woods | October 10, 2012

Venezuela’s elections: The masses defend the revolution — time to move to socialism

Jorge Martín | October 9, 2012

Why should we care about the Venezuelan elections? An interview with Hands Off Venezuela

Camilo Cahis | October 4, 2012

The importance of fighting for free education: Students and workers must unite against austerity

Jahan Niroomand | October 2, 2012

The Venezuelan elections: Why the Marxists support Chávez

Alan Woods | September 26, 2012

Save the workers’ game from the owners’ greed: A Marxist look at the National Hockey League lockout

Camilo Cahis | September 21, 2012

Anti-Islam film: Christian and Islamic fundamentalists leaning on each other

Fred Weston | September 20, 2012

Video from Ontario teachers’ “Funeral for Collective Bargaining Rights”

Janet Csontos | September 17, 2012

24,000 teachers on strike in Chicago

Andrew Wagner | September 13, 2012

Quebec election 2012: Jean Charest defeated, victory for the students!

Joel Bergman | September 10, 2012

Marxists of Iran and Canada condemn shutting down of Iranian embassy by Canada’s government

Fightback and Mobareze Tabaqati | September 10, 2012

Alan Woods North American speaking tour: Canadian leg

Fightback | August 31, 2012

Quebec 2012: Elections in a period of crisis

Nichola G. Richer | August 30, 2012

The New Union Project: Fightback speaks with CEP president Dave Coles

Mike Palecek | August 29, 2012

The CAW and CEP’s “New Union Project”: Fightback’s opinion

Fightback | August 29, 2012

Ontario Liberal government targets teachers: Defend teachers’ right to strike!

Camilo Cahis | August 24, 2012

The lessons of the Quebec student strike: Where now for the student movement?

Joel Bergman and Alex Grant | August 22, 2012

One year after Jack Layton’s death

Julian Benson | August 22, 2012

On the anniversary of Leon Trotsky’s assassination

Vsevolod (Esteban) Volkov | August 20, 2012

Capitalists of the world, unite… in tax evasion

Yuri Yarin | August 17, 2012

$30-billion fighter jet scandal shows real priorities of Conservative austerity government

Julian Benson | August 13, 2012

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