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2011 archive

#OccupyToronto begins the fight against the Bay Street bosses

Toronto Young New Democrats | October 11, 2011

Apathy wins: More than half of Ontario voters tune out provincial election

Camilo Cahis | October 7, 2011

Fightback supports #OccupyToronto: We say, “Nationalize the banks!”

Fightback | October 5, 2011

#occupywallstreet: Youth hit the streets; Labour must join them!

John Peterson | October 5, 2011

Air Canada and the fight against “back-to-work” legislation

Yuri Yarin | October 3, 2011

Ontario NDP campaign fails to inspire: Anaemic platform may pave way for coalition with Liberals

Camilo Cahis | September 28, 2011

Europe on the brink of a precipice

Alan Woods | September 22, 2011

Mobilizing against Rob Ford: Which way forward after the Dufferin Grove mass assembly?

Farshad Azadian | September 16, 2011

Education is a right — The fight for free education starts now

Roya Ahmadi | September 14, 2011

Quebec: For a united front against austerity!

International Marxist Tendency (Quebec) | September 12, 2011

Ten years after 9/11: How the world has changed

Alan Woods | September 9, 2011

2011 Ontario provincial election: Vote working class!

Farshad Azadian | September 8, 2011

Israel witnesses biggest march in its history

Daniel Morley | September 6, 2011

Youth unemployment in Canada: “Last hired, first fired”

Jessica Cassell | September 2, 2011

New look, same great ideas — Support our fight back!

Fightback | August 31, 2011

Remembering Jack Layton’s legacy: Let’s continue the struggle!

Julian Benson | August 23, 2011

Stop Rob Ford’s austerity! For a one-day general strike to reverse the cuts

Camilo Cahis | August 12, 2011

The riots in Britain: A warning to the bourgeoisie

Alan Woods | August 9, 2011

Israeli workers and youth join the revolutionary wave

Walter Leon and Dan Morley | August 8, 2011

What social forces led to the NDP wave in Quebec?

Isa Al-Jaza’iri | July 27, 2011

Norwegian massacre: This is an attack on labour — labour must respond!

Alan Woods | July 25, 2011

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