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Middle East

Netanyahu’s victory: What does it mean?

Francesco Merli | April 9, 2015

The Death of the Saudi King: The hypocrisy of the capitalists knows no limits

Julien Arseneau | February 25, 2015

Israel’s criminal shelling of Gaza and imperialist hypocrisy

Francesco Merli | July 14, 2014

The Syrian tragedy and the imperialist farce

Francesco Merli and John Peterson | September 12, 2013

Hands off Syria! No to imperialist aggression!

Francesco Merli | August 28, 2013

Israeli elections reveal growing class divide

Hamid Alizadeh | January 31, 2013

What is behind the attack on Gaza?

Alan Woods | November 22, 2012

In defence of the Syrian Revolution — Part two

Farshad Azadian and Basel Sulaiman | March 19, 2012

In defence of the Syrian Revolution — Part one

Farshad Azadian and Basel Sulaiman | March 16, 2012

War drums beat against Iran

Mike Palecek | March 7, 2012

Iran and the threat of war: What should our attitude be?

Alan Woods and Hamid Alizadeh | February 27, 2012

Syrian regime is shaking; Elements of dual power emerge

Mousa Ladqani | January 30, 2012

Western imperialism’s war-mongering against Iran: End imperialist aggression and sanctions!

Farshad Azadian | January 26, 2012

Syria: Assad regime beginning to crack as revolution moves to higher level

Mousa Ladqani and Isa Al-Jaza'iri | December 13, 2011

Seven months into the Syrian Revolution: Masses still striving for a breakthrough

Mousa Ladqani | October 12, 2011

Israel witnesses biggest march in its history

Daniel Morley | September 6, 2011

Israeli workers and youth join the revolutionary wave

Walter Leon and Dan Morley | August 8, 2011

Israel: 15,000 march in Tel Aviv, while Netanyahu prepares cover-up

Isa Al-Jaza'iri | June 15, 2010

Flotilla massacre exposes criminal blockade of Gaza

Isa Al-Jaza'iri | June 2, 2010

Iran: Power slipping to the streets

Babak Kasrayi | December 29, 2009

Against the blanket boycott of Israel: For a working class solution

Isa Al-Jaza'iri and Alex Grant | December 18, 2009

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