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Middle East

Afghanistan: Humiliating US defeat, the return of the Taliban and the threat of civil war

Adam Pal | July 9, 2021

After Netanyahu’s war: a united Palestinian movement emerges

Francesco Merli | May 28, 2021

Stop the bombing of Gaza! End the occupation! – International mobilisation in support of the Palestinian struggle!

International Marxist Tendency | May 17, 2021

Gaza bombing: Israel twists the knife – prepare mass resistance!

Franz Rieger | May 12, 2021

The Lebanese revolution topples another government

Adam Zeineddine | August 11, 2020

Beirut explosion rocks corrupt regime

Alan Woods | August 5, 2020

Liberal hypocrisy: Sale of arms to Saudi Arabia resumes amid pandemic

Adam Zeineddine | April 22, 2020

Sanitising war crimes: Palestine, Israel and COVID–19

Bilal Farah & Adam Zeineddine | April 8, 2020

Fuel Price Hike Ignites Protests in Iran

Kaveh Chai Chi | November 18, 2019

World revolution

Alan Woods | November 1, 2019

Revolution erupts in Lebanon: down with the corrupt regime!

Adam Zeineddine and Hamid Alizadeh | October 25, 2019

Turkey attacks Northern Syria: for a revolutionary fightback!

Hamid Alizadeh | October 12, 2019

International solidarity for Rawal Asad: free our comrade!

In Defence of Marxism | February 20, 2019

Saudi Arabia-Canada feud reflects ruling class fears at home and abroad

Matt Gardner | August 17, 2018

Imperialists celebrate 70 years of Israel with a bloodbath

Francesco Merli | May 16, 2018

Release abducted Pakistani socialists!

International Marxist Tendency | April 24, 2018

Syria: the barbarism of war and imperialist hypocrisy

Alan Woods | February 28, 2018

Trump and Western imperialism: hands off the Iranian protests!

Farshad Azadian | January 10, 2018

Iranian regime shaken by new mass movement

Hamid Alizadeh | January 2, 2018

Trump’s Jerusalem declaration: the real face of capitalism

Hamid Alizadeh | December 8, 2017

The stinking hypocrisy of Trump’s attack on Syria

Hamid Alizadeh | April 7, 2017

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