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Israel & Palestine

Hundreds killed in hospital attack in Gaza: rise up against Israel’s murderous campaign!

Jorge Martín | October 18, 2023

The Canadian ruling class’ offensive against Palestinian solidarity

Julien Arseneau | October 13, 2023

Western governments clamp down on Palestine solidarity: organise and fight back!

Joe Attard | October 13, 2023

Down with hypocrisy! Defend Gaza! – IMT statement

International Marxist Tendency | October 11, 2023

Israel-Palestine: No to the invasion of Gaza! End the occupation!

Francesco Merli | October 8, 2023

Israel’s raid in Jenin: They create hell on earth and call it peace

Roberto Sarti | July 6, 2023

75 years since the Nakba: Free Palestine! Intifada until victory!

Francesco Merli | May 12, 2023

Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral attacked by police: Israel’s sadism and imperialist hypocrisy

Joe Attard | May 16, 2022

Palestinian journalist murdered by Israel: this is a war crime!

Joe Attard | May 12, 2022

After Netanyahu’s war: a united Palestinian movement emerges

Francesco Merli | May 28, 2021

Stop the bombing of Gaza! End the occupation! – International mobilisation in support of the Palestinian struggle!

International Marxist Tendency | May 17, 2021

Gaza bombing: Israel twists the knife – prepare mass resistance!

Franz Rieger | May 12, 2021

Sanitising war crimes: Palestine, Israel and COVID–19

Bilal Farah & Adam Zeineddine | April 8, 2020

Imperialists celebrate 70 years of Israel with a bloodbath

Francesco Merli | May 16, 2018

Netanyahu’s victory: What does it mean?

Francesco Merli | April 9, 2015

Israel’s criminal shelling of Gaza and imperialist hypocrisy

Francesco Merli | July 14, 2014

Israeli elections reveal growing class divide

Hamid Alizadeh | January 31, 2013

What is behind the attack on Gaza?

Alan Woods | November 22, 2012

Israel: 15,000 march in Tel Aviv, while Netanyahu prepares cover-up

Isa Al-Jaza'iri | June 15, 2010

Flotilla massacre exposes criminal blockade of Gaza

Isa Al-Jaza'iri | June 2, 2010

Against the blanket boycott of Israel: For a working class solution

Isa Al-Jaza'iri and Alex Grant | December 18, 2009

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