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Lessons of the UK election: Don’t mourn – organise!

Rob Sewell, Socialist Appeal UK | December 13, 2019

Britain heads for a general election: mobilise for a Corbyn victory!

Socialist Appeal | September 4, 2019

Parliament prorogued: Boris’ Brexit bombshell leaves Westminster in disarray

Socialist Appeal | August 28, 2019

Boris out! Corbyn in!

Socialist Appeal, UK | July 24, 2019

Britain: Theresa May resignation – let’s kick out the rest of the Tories!

Adam Booth | May 24, 2019

British elections: Defeat for Tory establishment, Corbyn vindicated, Radical policies back at centre, May must be forced to resign!

Socialist Appeal (UK) | June 9, 2017

Britain: Labour’s leaked manifesto – a bold break with the past

Ben Curry | May 12, 2017

Brexit vote sends shockwaves across European Establishment

Alan Woods (marxist.com) | June 24, 2016

Brexit: Varoufakis’ mission “to save the EU”

Mike Leiden | June 22, 2016

Britain: General Election disaster for working people as Tories stay in power

Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal (socialist.net) | May 8, 2015

Thatcher’s death: We remember her crimes against our class

Rob Sewell | April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher is dead, the struggle against capitalism continues

Socialist Appeal (UK) | April 8, 2013

The riots in Britain: A warning to the bourgeoisie

Alan Woods | August 9, 2011

Britain’s contradictory election results: Unstable situation opens up

Rob Sewell and Fred Weston | May 11, 2010

Phil Mitchinson – Comrade, Friend and Fighter

Rob Sewell | November 17, 2006

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