This coming Sunday marks the presidential election in Venezuela, a critical juncture for the revolutionary movement in Venezuela and across the Americas. A victory for the right-wing candidate, Henrique Capriles, would mean a victory for the oligarchy and their imperialist allies, and threatening all of the gains made by the revolution.  Today, we are publishing a couple of interviews with Fightback‘s Camilo Cahis.  Camilo is also a spokesperson with the Hands Off Venezuela campaign in Canada and been doing a series of interviews with Media Mornings, a radio show on Coop Radio 100.5 FM in Vancouver.

In his first interview, Camilo gives some background to the election, outlining some of the gains of the Venezuelan revolution that would be threatened with a Capriles victory.

In the second interview, Camilo outlines some of the dirty tricks that are being played by the international corporate media in misrepresenting the genuine levels of support enjoyed by president Hugo Chávez and the reasons behind this manipulation of the facts.

[Interview one: Background to the Venezuelan presidential election]

[Interview two: Media manipulation of polling in advance of the election]