Source: Karl Maria Stadler, Public domain

International Women’s Day was in fact founded by communists, as International Working Women’s Day, and was intentionally launched as a day to link the fight for women’s liberation and the fight of the working class for communism. Unfortunately in the century or so since then, this internationally observed day of militant action has been totally co-opted by liberals and reformists who have erased its communist roots. Rather than fighting for women’s liberation and communism, it is simply a day to “celebrate and empower” women, which is a meaningless liberal platitude. 

This reflects the general political bankruptcy of feminism, which has become an empty word used even by the worst reactionaries to give themselves a progressive cover. The most callous enemies of women call themselves feminists, from Justin Trudeau and his feminist fighter jets to the Israeli Defense Force murdering Palestinians in the name of women. One recent example of the bankruptcy of the leadership of the women’s movement is that of the IWD march in Toronto this year, whose organizers have not uttered a word about the ongoing genocide in Palestine. But what is the point of the women’s movement if it cannot take take a stand against an ongoing genocide?

We must reclaim this important tradition for the workers and oppressed of the world and restore its revolutionary communist roots. 

Wherever town you live in, go on the offensive for March 8, and raise the need for working class solidarity with the Palestinian people. But above all, we need to link the emancipation of women to the fight for a communist revolution. We need to show that the Revolutionary Communist Party is there, and has the ideas necessary to end oppression once and for all. To do so, you can bring comrades to the local demonstration and organize a communist contingent, give a revolutionary speech in a public space, or organize a rally yourself to put forward communist ideas!

Whatever you do, we recommend you take up these slogans, either in chants or on placards, to get our message across:

Working women in our millions
We stand with the Palestinians!

From Canada down to Gaza
What we need is Intifada!

Workers of the world unite
Palestine is our fight!

Down with Genocide Justin!

Women’s rights are workers rights
Same struggle, same fight!

We’re all sick of sexism
Let’s fight for communism!

Sexist violence we must fight
Workers of the world unite!

I don’t know but I’ve been told
Corporate feminism is getting old
I don’t know but it’s been said
Revolution lies ahead

To end all oppression
End class exploitation