Like a bully on the playground Stephen Harper and his Conservative cronies have set an ultimatum to the people of Canada. Prior to the NATO conference set to be held in April, Harper’s minority government plans to hold a vote to extend the combat mission in Afghanistan until the end of 2011.

Despite the outcry against our military presence in Afghanistan, the previously agreed to withdrawl date is up to be extended by almost 3 years. Only the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois have stood up against any extension of the mission. The liberals, in perfect liberal fashion, pay lip service to the withdrawl of Canadian soliders, while at the same time Michael Ignatieff, the deputy leader of the party, reveals the true position of the liberals- comprimise.

The majority of Canadians have made their position clear- we want our troops home, not later- but now. Despite these demands the motor force of Canadian Imperialism, its captains of Industry and its financial aristocracy continue to use their government to blow dust in our eyes and hide their greedy designs behind hollow and teary eyed sentimentality, crying that "we must pacify the country, we must build democracy." Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The military lapdog of the Harper government, General Rick Hillier, allows the blood of Canadian men and women to be spilt while leading the slaughter of Afghanistan’s poor peasants, workers and students. His justification parrots the goverenment; he leads us to believe that we are fighting for womens rights to education. At a rally in 2007 he went so far as to explain that the sound of high heels clicking was a point of repression for women in Afghanistan. If we are fighting so women can wear high heels, if we are truly in Afghanistan for the emancipation of its people from fundamentalist tyranny why are we not also deployed in places like Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the bible belt of the USA or even in the mormon communities of the Kooteny region of British Columbia?

Certainly we are against the tyranny of fundamentalism, but it cannot be replaced by Imperialism! Canadians want to help the Afghan people, but they must organize themselves to kick out the oppressors. Only within the context of International Socialism can Canadians honestly support the toiling masses of Afghanistan. The movement of the Pakistani masses just next door is a ray of hope, the 3 Socialist candidates sponsored by the Pakistani Trade Union Defence Campaign stand firm on a platform for international Socialism. It is only within the same context of international Socialism that Canadians can hope to have a truly progressive presence in Afghanistan.

The fact is nothing new- the Bourgeois Conservatives and Liberals are liars and hypocrites. They do not deserve our votes when they actively work against the wishes of the majority of Canadians. Democracy to them is a smokescreen to placate and pacify the masses. They are no lovers of freedom or the democratic will of the population, their actions speak loudly of this fact. There is no comprimise when the working class, students and small shopkeepers have made their position clear. We will not "be reasonable"; the NDP will oppose this motion and the government will fall. To do otherwise would amount to another betrayal.

As Peter Van Loan, the Conservative house leader points out, ""If the other parties have determined that they aren’t prepared to support this motion, then we will be in an election campaign. Obviously, it will be an election campaign that will settle this question." The Liberals are not interested in toppling the government, they are on record for wanting comprimise. The NDP and the Bloc are the only parties standing up to the government bullies on this issue. The NDP has listened to Canadians at every step on this issue, and if it comes to an election, which it surely must if the Liberals cannot reach a comprimise, then we must exercise real democracy and kick the Conservative/ Liberal Block out of Parliament.

Support our troops- bring them home now!

No compromise, no more blood for Bourgeois interests!

Call the elections- kick the Conservatives out!