On Tuesday, February 12, two prominent members of the Communist Party of Canada were the target of an attack by suspected Neo-Nazis in Calgary. A firebomb was thrown at the home of Jason Devine and Bonnie Collins. Luckily they and their four children escaped unharmed, but considerable damage was done to the home itself. The Molotov cocktail just missed the rear window of the home, but torched their patio and fence. Jason was a candidate for the Communist Party in 2006 and Bonnie is running in the current Alberta election. The two are known in Calgary as activists with Anti Racist Action.

White supremacists have been on the march in Alberta for the last several years. They have continually threatened and intimidated activists in Edmonton and Calgary. There have even been open Nazi rallies, on a very small scale, in the province.

A statement of the Central Executive of the Communist Party said, β€œOn behalf of all members and supporters, the Central Executive Committee expresses our Party’s full solidarity with the Devine/Collins family and with our comrades in Club Red in Calgary in the face of this violent assault. Such crude acts of intimidation will not silence our comrades in their important work to combat racism, fascism and imperialist war, to defend democratic rights and social justice, and to advance the struggle for socialism.”

We would like to echo these sentiments. Our own comrades have been subject to threats and intimidation by these same people. Fightback unreservedly condemns these cowardly acts and calls for working class unity against such attacks.