Source: Communist Revolution

The RCP aims to organize the tens of thousands of communists in Canada to confront the combined might of the capitalist state and the system it defends. This serious and vital mission requires the development of a professional organizational apparatus to support the party’s development throughout the country.

The development of the party is supported by the hard work of an army of dedicated volunteer communists. But we can’t rely on comrades’ free time alone. We need an enormous amount of time and above all regular, daily work to produce the quality paper we need, as well as facilitating the spread of communist ideas and coordinating the work of the whole party. That’s why we work to overcome the time limits imposed on workers by capitalism, by finding the necessary funds for comrades to work full-time for the party.

To keep pace with the party’s meteoric growth—which has almost doubled since August—and to respond to the need to professionalize our apparatus, we will be hiring three new comrades in the next few months to add to our staff, and we expect to hire more in the near future.

To build a truly professional party, in July the RCP will move into a brand new office in Toronto—twice the size of the current one, to establish the party’s true headquarters. The immediate costs for the new office and new hires are around $200,000.

What’s more, since the RCP’s strength comes first and foremost from the strength of the communist ideas and traditions defended by its International, we’re making it our duty to contribute to the fund-raising campaign for the launch of the new Revolutionary Communist International, and are aiming to raise at least $50,000 for this endeavour.

Our goal is therefore to raise a total of $250,000 by June. To achieve this, we’re calling on you, the readers of Communist Revolution, to make a monetary contribution, whatever your financial capacity. Every donation counts. Every communist cell also has a role to play in raising the money. Approach your colleagues and friends, sell communist merchandise, collect donations in public spaces, etc. Let’s get creative!

In the struggle against the ruling class, workers can only rely on their own means. The capitalists never finance anything, except to corrupt it. That’s why we rely exclusively on the support of our members and the working class as a whole to finance the RCP, and this is done mainly through the monthly contributions of our members and supporters.  

A monthly contribution to the RCP doesn’t buy a service or entertainment—it’s a contribution to the struggle for communism. There is no greater cause. That’s why we’re appealing to all our current members and all those who want nothing more than to see a victorious revolution in our lifetime. If you’d like to offer us a very concrete contribution, we’d like to set you this target: offer the equivalent of one day’s wage as your monthly party contribution.

If you’ve already reached this level of contribution, consider increasing it to the equivalent of two or even three days’ wages. The historic task before us is immense. So let’s find the means to fulfill our ambitions. Forward!

You can make your donation here!