We are launching the Fightback subscription drive over the next month. This is an initiative to build up the strength of revolutionary media that will be carried out in cities and campuses across Canada.In this time of economic crisis, class struggle, austerity cuts, and revolutions around the world the urgent need for revolutionary media has never been greater. We need to build an alternative to the corporate press and to promote working class and socialist analysis on current events.Take out a subscription to help support these efforts, and vitally, to stay aware and learning from a Marxist analysis on current events. Taking out a subscription will go a long way in terms of establishing a stability of our press, and you can take one out for as little as $20. Our goal for the subscription drive is to get 100 new subscribers by April 25th!We are making a particular appeal to students and youth, with the gearing down of the school year. Many of you will not be on the campuses during the summer months and may find it more difficult to pick up the monthly magazine, or to come out to regular discussion groups. Don’t let that get in the way of political reading and education!

Subscription Details

Basic subscription: 12-issues of Fightback, mail-delivered for $20.Supporter subscription: 12-issues of Fightback, mail-delivered for $50.Solidarity-Supporter subscription: Ongoing delivery of Fightback and specials. $5-$100 per month.Note: Fightback is produced, edited, and printed entirely by unionized labour.

Get a Solidarity-Supporter Subscription!

While a basic subscription will ensure you get the newspaper on a monthly basis, it barely covers the costs of production/mailing. We are asking folks who want to see the strengthening of revolutionary and socialist organization in Canada to seriously consider taking out a “Solidarity-Supporter subscription”.“Solidarity-Supporters” set the amount they want to contribute to the struggle for socialism every month through automatic bank withdrawals. There are many of you who support the work of Fightback, but for various reasons have not been able to commit the time regularly to activism. This is another important way you can support our work. We have subscribers giving us from $5 a month to over $50 a month. Take a look at your finances and see what you can sacrifice — every contribution is a huge help!These contributions have allowed us to develop our English and French-language media, print new literature and books, hire a new-full time organizer in Montreal, and to fund travel to help build revolutionary activism across the country. One of our goals going forward is to open a Fightback office in Toronto!

Join the campaign!

Follow the campaign by signing up on our page on Facebook.To sign up, contact our office or any of our regional and campus organizers:Central Contact — Fightback Office:

Tel: (416) 461-0304

Email: fightback@marxist.ca

Please make cheques payable to “Fightback”. Cheques and void cheques can be mailed to:

Fightback, PO Box 65141, RPO Chester, Toronto, ON, M4K 3Z2

Toronto campus/youth drive:

Ruth Lau (York) —

Farid Azadian (Ryerson) —

Noah Gataveckas (UofT) —

Jack Humphrey (NDP Youth) —

Regional organizers:

Joel Bergman (Quebec) —

Robert Fajber (British Columbia) —

Mike Palecek (Ottawa) —