This week, the Revolutionary Communist Party took the initiative to organize rallies across the country—raising the banner of revolution. After 158 days that reaped over 31,272 lives with thousands more left under the rubble in Gaza, all facilitated by Canadian arms, working class Canadians everywhere are more sure of the bankruptcy of the Liberal government than ever before.

Montreal communists confront Trudeau

In Montreal, comrades mobilized for an emergency rally in front of Justin Trudeau’s riding office, and the anger was palpable. Our flyers advertising the rally were quickly taken up at the protests, metro stations, and schools where we conducted outreach. Two groups responded to our call to endorse the demo, helped to mobilize and participated: Palestinians and Jewish Unity (PAJU) and Labour for Palestine. In the end, we managed to bring together about 100 demonstrators. Dozens of cars passing by honked at us and supported our banners that read “À bas Justin le génocidaire”.

Our slogans were enthusiastically taken up by the crowd :

“A Terre A Terre, Justin le Génocidaire”

“A Bas A Bas, L’Occupation! Intifada, Revolution!”

The fiery speeches our comrades gave galvanized the mood—we explained how this minority government could fall in a minute if the NDP and the union leaders stopped propping it up. Reformism has failed Palestine. We instead need to spread a revolutionary perspective and organize the Revolutionary Communist Party to lead this struggle.

After the speeches, we starting marching down the street. Many passerby actually joined in the march and started chanting with us, including a mother and her child. They wanted to buy a paper but didn’t have enough money on them—however, the kid insisted that he wanted to donate 25 cents to us “for the revolution”.

The campaign continues. On Friday, March 15th, the communists from NDG are organizing a counter-protest against the Quebec court’s injunction on pro-Palestine rallies in the neighbourhood, while the communists of McGill and Concordia will be bringing the slogan in the student strike currently unfolding. There will also be a rally in Sherbrooke on the 16th.

Toronto rally at Chrystia Freeland’s office

In Toronto, comrades decided to target the office of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. They printed hundreds of leaflets and posters on short notice and spread them all over the city: university campuses, in front of busy stations, and even up and down the trains. The message was clear: Bring Down Genocide Justin.

One hundred of us gathered behind our banner as we invited people in the area to join us. We chanted at the Bloor and Spadina intersection for an hour before marching down to Freeland’s office, which attracted some people who were ready to join the side of the oppressed.

Our chants were very bold, calling for an overthrow of the system and directly pointing out the trademarked hypocrisy of the liberal government. We recommend you use them for your own rally: 

“Genocide Trudeau stop your crying, we all know you’re fucking lying!”,

“Genocide Justin you can’t hide, we charge you with Genocide!”

“Bring Down Genocide Justin”

“From Toronto to Gaza, what we need is intifada!”

“All the workers unified, we can end the genocide” 

“Working people in our millions, we stand with the Palestinians” 

Soon, the rally grew bigger for everyone to see, especially the cops and the sad  zionists on the opposing side. We marched towards Freeland’s office and opened up the floor for people to speak. As comrade Tre said: 

“We are here today because of the crimes of Canadian capitalism that are enacted by the Trudeau government. Canadian imperialism is pouring Palestinian blood! We, the working masses of Canada, from all backgrounds, will not conciliate or back down. We will not allow a genocide to be committed with our money and in our name. We have been on the streets since October, suffering from the devastation of what’s happening in Gaza. We are lied to by the media, by these politicians and then expected to go on with our day like nothing is happening!”

Source: Communist Revolution

The comrade concluded: “We are the revolutionary communists, we are building the Revolutionary Communist Party that unequivocally stands with the Palestinian people against Israeli imperialism, therefore we will work tirelessly to overthrow the main enemy at home: Canadian Imperialism!”

The mood was electrifying. People broke into chanting “One solution, Revolution!” and “Long live the Intifada!” More people stepped in to speak. Comrade Jacob powerfully spoke: 

“A recent march to protest Rafah was condemned as anti semitic violence because it passed by a Jewish hospital while marching through Downtown Toronto. I’m descended from Jews who fled pogroms in Eastern Europe, I don’t have a single living vestige of a family connection there because of the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust. And I can’t possibly imagine a more despicable insult to their memory and the 6 million who died in that genocide than to use their memory to justify another genocide, of another oppressed and brutalized people. Shame!” 

We are not only repulsed by the catastrophic crimes our government is supporting in Gaza, we staunchly understand it to be a part of our own fight and liberation. It is not just the Liberal government that betrayed Palestine, but the NDP and the labor leaders as well. If they cared about Palestine, they would be opposing the government instead of propping them up and attempting to “pressure” them through motions while thousands die. 

This is why power needs to be transferred to the hands of the working class. We need our own revolutionary party. 

Join the next action: 

March 14

Toronto, 1pm, Toronto Metropolitan University SLC

March 15

Edmonton, 5pm, University of Alberta Quad

Mississauga, 3pm, Celebration Square

March 17

Kingston, 1pm, 841 Princess St.

March 26

Hamilton, 12pm, McMaster University Student Centre