Source: Oren Rozen, Wikimedia Commons

Fertilizer, tractors, canola oil, and fighter jet parts. These are some of Canada’s most valuable exports to Israel as it wipes thousands of Palestinians off the face of the earth. 

In recent months, Trudeau has tried to cover his support for Israel’s genocide. He has spoken about the need for a “peace process” while schools and hospitals were shelled. He has even cried crocodile tears over Israel’s “killing of women, of children, of babies.” 

But an investigation by The Maple found that Canada authorised at least $28.5 million in new permits for military hardware to Israel from October to November 2023—as Israel began its latest siege on Gaza. 

$1.7 million of the permits authorised explicitly list items like “bombs, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, other explosive devices.” Other permits cover components for Israel’s F-35 fighter jets, which are currently dropping bombs on hospitals, schools, and homes.

‘Non-lethal military’ equipment

Global Affairs Canada has tried to cover up these shipments and even claim that most of these military export permits have been for ”non-lethal equipment.”

But as The Maple reported, this “equipment” still includes component parts for military hardware—used to help fire rockets, bombs, and missiles.  

Perhaps Global Affairs Canada confused Israel’s F-35s with another non-lethal variant, which is used to save kittens from trees and drop candy for school children.

Even if the Canadian imperialists try to hide a large part of its deals from the public eye, there are 140 companies which sell armaments to Israel. Typical of these “non-lethal military exporters” is Richmond-based MacDonald Dettwile. Its marketing usually touts its space exploration division, including projects like the Canadarm on the ISS: a project so iconic it’s featured on the $5 bill. Less advertised is the murderous side of the company, which has built unmanned drone control systems for Israel Aerospace Industries for years. And while drones are useless without command modules, these shipments are likely filed under the “non-lethal” category of Canada’s “electrical machinery,” while the drones blow up entire generations of Palestinians.    

These firms make a fortune every time a child’s limbs are blown off. 

Down With Genocide Justin

Fundamentally, despite his crocodile tears, Justin Trudeau, like Joe Biden, has the blood of over 30,000 Palestinians on his hands. 

As we’ve explained before, Canada exports millions of dollars in arms and aids Israel diplomatically as a bulwark of reaction, to defend the interests of the U.S. and Canadian capitalists in the region. Whenever the interests of American and Western capitalism have been threatened in the Middle East or North Africa, the Israeli State—chiefly its military and airforce—have been at the ready.

To free Palestine, the imperialists – Israeli, American, Canadian and the like—must be overthrown. This means sweeping away capitalism once and for all.