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Solidarity with the OrganizeUW union drive at the University of Waterloo!

Socialist Fightback Students in Kitchener-Waterloo | Nov 30, 2021


Omicron variant: a menace of capitalism’s making

Joe Attard | Nov 29, 2021


Don’t drink the water: Iqaluit faces renewed water crisis

Awan Renee | Nov 29, 2021


The end is near for Jason Kenney

Ted Sprague | Nov 26, 2021


Strike at SAQ warehouse: Shame on the bosses, victory to the workers!

Ben Marenlensky | Nov 25, 2021


Ford goes ‘left’, Dias and Smokey go right

Jeremy Swinarton | Nov 25, 2021


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Indigenous Struggle and the Fight for Socialism: Revolution, Not Reconciliation!

Fightback | Sep 30, 2021

A worldwide epoch of revolution is being prepared

International Marxist Tendency | Jul 30, 2021

Fightback’s Perspectives 2021: The coming storm and the tasks of the Marxists

Fightback | May 26, 2021