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Strike at SAQ warehouse: Shame on the bosses, victory to the workers!

Ben Marenlensky | Nov 25, 2021


Ford goes ‘left’, Dias and Smokey go right

Jeremy Swinarton | Nov 25, 2021


Québec solidaire congress 2021: ‘Preparing to govern’ …capitalism

Julien Arseneau | Nov 24, 2021


Clean Harbors workers strike against health and safety reprisals

Mitchell Thompson | Nov 24, 2021


Capitalism created the catastrophic floods in B.C.

Adam Beech | Nov 23, 2021


Hundreds of Toronto high school students under attack for standing up for Palestine

Jahan Niroomand | Nov 23, 2021


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Fightback | Sep 30, 2021

A worldwide epoch of revolution is being prepared

International Marxist Tendency | Jul 30, 2021

Fightback’s Perspectives 2021: The coming storm and the tasks of the Marxists

Fightback | May 26, 2021