Fightback, the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign, and the International Marxist Tendency in Quebec, are very proud to announce the Canadian leg of leading Marxist thinker Alan Woods’ speaking tour — coming to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal from Oct. 26 to Oct. 30. You can also follow Alan’s tour through Canada and the USA by following #AlanWoods2012 on Twitter.

Alan Woods is the political editor of the influential Marxist website, In Defence of Marxism. He is also a very well-known defender of the Venezuelan Revolution, the founder of the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign, and a frequent visitor to Venezuela.  He also has been a guest on “Aló Presidente”, President Hugo Chavez’s TV show.  In December 2010, Canada’s Globe and Mail even labelled Alan Woods, “Hugo Chavez’s Trotskyist adviser.”

Alan is also a well-published author.  His many writings include:

  • Reason in Revolt — Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science
  • Bolshevism: The road to revolution
  • Ireland: Republicanism and Revolution
  • Lenin and Trotsky — What they really stood for
  • Marxism and the USA
  • The Venezuelan Revolution
  • Revolution Until Victory — A Marxist analysis of the Arab Revolution
  • Reformism or Revolution — A reply to Heinz Dieterich on the way forward for the Venezuelan Revolution

Alan has also written on many other topics, and his articles frequently appear on Fightback’s website and magazine.

Alan’s Canadian itinerary

Details for Alan’s events have been finalized; please click on the links to see details for each meeting. Alan will be visiting the following cities on the following dates:

Toronto, ON (York University): In defence of Marxism: A discussion with Alan Woods, Fri. 26 Oct. @ 1:00pm

Toronto, ON: An evening with Alan Woods, Fri. 26 Oct. @ 7:00pm

Toronto, ON: Prospects for Revolution in Europe and North America, Sat. 27 Oct. @ 6:30pm

Ottawa, ON: Prospects for Revolution in Europe and North America, Sun. 28 Oct. @ 6:30pm

Montreal, QC: Mai 68 en France: Un témoin se rappelle avec Alan Woods, Mon. 29 Oct. @ 7:00pm

Montreal, QC: Prospects for Revolution in Europe and North America, Tue. 30 Oct. @ 7:00pm

Montreal, QC: Alan Woods Speaks: Venezuela and the Hugo Chávez government, Wed. 31 Oct. @ 2:30pm

The organizers are actively seeking support and endorsements to make the tour a success. Financial support to defray the costs (international flight, internal travel, room bookings, accommodations, promotion, etc.) is also needed. Specific locations for tour events are still to be determined.  For media contact, or if you would like to be involved in Alan Woods’ first speaking tour of North America, please email/call:

Alex Grant, Alan Woods Canadian tour co-ordinator


Tel: (416) 461-0304

We wish to thank the following groups and organizations for their assistance in making this tour a success:

  • Hands Off Venezuela (Canada)
  • Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel” (Toronto)
  • Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 3903
  • Socialist Fightback Club at York University
  • Socialist Fightback Club at Concordia University
  • University of Toronto Marxist Discussion Club
  • Toronto Young New Democrats (TYND)
  • Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia (TRAC), Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), Local 12500
  • Dawson College Teachers’ Union