On Monday 4th March, Fightback editor Alex Grant was invited onto The Radical Reverend show hosted by Cheri DiNovo on University of Toronto campus radio. In a wide ranging interview, Alex spoke about the rise in interest in socialism and the growth of Marxism in Canada, how to battle the far right, and the truth behind the US/Canada-organized coup in Venezuela.

In addition to international issues, Alex and Cheri discussed the lack of lead given by the federal New Democratic Party that equivocates on the issues and fails to connect with the new mood of socialist radicalism. But encouragingly, there is the beginning of a student fight back against Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s cuts to student assistance, with a walkout planned for March 20th. Cheri challenges Alex about the failure of the Metro Days of Action general strike movement in the 1990s and he explains the abrogation of leadership of the union leaders who are trying to hide so they won’t be picked on by the government – a move that is naive in the extreme.

The interview ends with the Fightback editor calling on people to support the solidarity campaign for Rawal Assad in Pakistan, and to join the fight for socialism.