• Canada 150: Erasing struggle from Canada’s past

    As federal and provincial governments prepare to spend $500 million on the celebration of Canada’s 150th “birthday”, Canadian workers continue to be forced to accept privatizations, falling living standards, and austerity. Read More +
  • Marxism vs. Intersectionality

    The crisis of capitalism has given rise to a mood of questioning and mass movements across the world. Youth are starting to take action and challenge the capitalist system. Spontaneous movements have erupted against many forms of oppression. Inspiring movements such as Idle No More, Black Lives Matter, the worldwide demonstrations against violence towards women on March 8, and elements of the anti-Trump movement are a few recent examples of the increasing desire among workers and youth to fight oppression and discrimination. Read More +
  • 45 years since the 1972 Quebec general strike

    Forty-five years ago, the largest and most important strike movement in the history of Quebec took place. During this historic episode, the workers of the province stormed onto the political arena to fight against the bourgeoisie. Read More +
  • Socialist Fightback Students Launched!

    Join us in building Socialist Fightback Students clubs in your own colleges, universities or high schools! Read More +
  • NDP Leadership: Support Ashton, Fight For Socialism!

    On Friday 23rd June, Fightback’s editorial board sat down to discuss with 2017 NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton. Read More +
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Fightback No. 110 (September 2017)

Fightback #110

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