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Socialist Fightback Students is a newly launched national student organization which unites revolutionary student groups from seventeen different university and college campuses across Canada. We have active clubs from Victoria, Kelowna and Edmonton in the West, to Waterloo, Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto in Ontario, to universities and CEGEPs across the Island of Montreal.

Socialist Fightback Students Launched!

18197530 10158374573245478 1315344643 nThe student movement in Canada is going through an important development that has been prepared over the last six years. Beginning in 2011, revolutionaries organized with Fightback/La Riposte socialiste magazines have been engaging in systematic organizing on university and college campuses across the country. These efforts have resulted in the establishment of active groups on over 15 campuses, with plans to expand further.

University Food Service Workers Take Strike Action in Toronto!

Aramak Strike 1Cafeteria workers at York University began open-ended strike action on February 16th, following on the heels of strike action by their fellow workers at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, who went out the week before.

Socialist Fightback Students organize against Trump in Southern Ontario

Fightback Trump Discussion Hamilton/WaterlooOn November 9th and 10th, the Socialist Fightback student clubs in Hamilton and at Kitchener- Waterloo held public discussions regarding the U.S. presidential election. Outrage with Donald Trump’s victory was abundant at both McMaster University and at the University of Waterloo, which serves as an indication of young people’s growing awareness of the failures of the American electoral system.

Frosh 2016 - Huge Success for Socialist Fightback Students

Ryerson Frosh 2016Throughout the month of September, Socialist Fightback clubs at UVic, UofT, Ryerson, York U and Seneca, Trent Durham, McMaster, Waterloo, UdeM, Concordia, and McGill, engaged with hundreds of students interested in Marxist ideas during the frosh campus club days and street festivals. In total, over 1000 students expressed interest in learning more about socialism and how to achieve it by signing up for our clubs on campuses across the country. Hundreds of students also purchased copies of Fightback magazine and our booklets of Marxist fundamentals such as the Communist Manifesto, demonstrating a serious desire for the theoretical tools required to fight the capitalist system.

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