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Thousands protest against racism in Montreal

On the afternoon of November 12th, thousands of people gathered in the cold streets of Montreal to protest racism and the far-right. The events of this past year have shown us that the far-right is emboldened; from Charlottesville to the shooting at the mosque in Quebec City. In addition to this, with the passing of the racist, islamophobic, Bill 62 these sorts of politics have become normalized. The presence of thousands on the streets shows that people have had enough and are organizing to fight back!

UofT prof Jordan Peterson targets Socialist Fightback Students activist

On October 26th, University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson made a Twitter and Facebook post with a link to the personal Facebook page of a Socialist Fightback Students activist. He also did the same to other allied activists which opened them up for targeted harassment. The professor, who gained notoriety for his refusal to use gender neutral pronouns, is known to have a large following among the far-right on social media. Immediately following the posts, our activist was subjected to a torrent of hateful messages by dozens of Peterson's followers. These posts included anti-Semitic images, slurs and violent threats. Open fascists were among those urged on by Peterson's posts. By sharing his profile, we hold Peterson directly responsible for enabling the harassment of our activist by the far-right.

Amazing response to Socialist Fightback Students for new school year

The deepening crisis of capitalism is pushing more and more people to revolutionary conclusions, and no one is more critical of the status quo than the youth. Hundreds of students who are frustrated with economic insecurity and debt, oppression and discrimination, state violence, war, and environmental destruction signed up to get involved in Socialist Fightback Students (SFS) chapters on campuses across the country and participated in our events during the first month of the fall school term.

Socialist Fightback Back-to-School Report: Week One

With the start of the new school term, local chapters of the Socialist Fightback Students (SFS) have been actively reaching out on the campuses to sign-up new members, distribute Marxist literature and hold our first events. Hundreds of students have signed-up and the end-of-week pub nights held in Toronto and Montreal were big successes. Additionally, the beginning of the week was marked by sizeable Labour Day parades in which impressive interventions were organized by Fightback.

Montreal: Over 40 people discuss Charlottesville and the fight against Fascism

In the wake of the far-right violence in Charlottesville, which resulted in the tragic murder of young activist Heather Heyer, Socialist Fightback organized a public discussion in Montreal titled “After Charlottesville: What is Fascism and How to Fight it." This was attended by over 40 people, demonstrating that the radicalization of large layers of the population due to these events, with many becoming sympathetic to the cause of anti-fascism and revolutionary politics, has not been isolated to the United States.

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