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Socialist Fightback Students win free education motion at McGill GA

cc04f0cf49515fb52dedbd83ad33d65fOn Monday, March 26, the McGill student union (Students’ Society of McGill University, or SSMU) held a general assembly (GA) where a free education motion put forward by Socialist Fightback Students was passed. This motion commits the SSMU to support free education across Canada and the cancellation of all student debt. In addition, the motion stipulates that the SSMU must commit itself to mobilizing for a one-day student strike in fall 2018 via the creation mobilization committees and monthly democratic assemblies to allow the students to democratically decide the future of the movement.

York University Workers Out On the Picket Lines: Strike to Win!

Fightback members stand in solidarity with banners at a CUPE demoOn Monday, March 5th, teaching staff at York University organized in the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) local 3903 will be on strike. This is the final outcome of months-long negotiations with an administration bent on forcing workers to accept concessions and trying to break the union. On Friday, March 2nd, the university workers took a vote confirming they are prepared to strike and reject an employer proposal which included austerity measures and ignored the demands made by the workers at the bargaining table.

Socialist Fightback Students reply to admin’s open letter: We stand with CUPE 3903!

York University administration had a full-page document misleadingly titled, “An Open Letter to CUPE 3903 Members” running in the latest issue of Excalibur, which is the undergraduate student newspaper. The letter was also posted across the campus as a poster. This is the latest and lowest move thus far by an administration which is attempting to demonize its own employees in the eyes of its students. The Open Letter is an exercise in sheer spin and distortion.

How to win free education: Build towards a Canada-wide student strike!

On Feb. 1, the Canadian Federation of Students—Ontario (CFS-O) is calling for another “Student Day of Action” for stronger public services and fairness for students. Rallies have been planned at a handful of campuses, including Carlton, York University, and Guelph. This is a very limited mobilization. Socialist Fightback Students (SFS) will be mobilizing all of our supporters to participate in these rallies.

Socialist Fightback Students Manifesto

18222370 285228595257145 3938864839000897106 nSocialist Fightback Students (SFS) is a Canada-wide Marxist student organization uniting students at over 17 university, college and high school campuses. We are proud to unite students on both sides of the national-divide, and have a strong base of activists on Francophone campuses in Quebec. Here we publish our program for the student movement, which generalizes the needs, concerns and aspirations of students across Canada who are looking for an alternative to the capitalist status quo. If you agree with this program, help us fight for it!

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