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Socialist Fightback Students Manifesto

18222370 285228595257145 3938864839000897106 nSocialist Fightback Students (SFS) is a Canada-wide Marxist student organization uniting students at over 17 university, college and high school campuses. We are proud to unite students on both sides of the national-divide, and have a strong base of activists on Francophone campuses in Quebec. Here we publish our program for the student movement, which generalizes the needs, concerns and aspirations of students across Canada who are looking for an alternative to the capitalist status quo. If you agree with this program, help us fight for it!

York Federation of Students AGM: Fightback puts militant struggle back on the agenda

The York Federation of Students, the student union representing over 50,000 students at York University, is the largest student union in the country. The YFS has significant resources and is well-organized, with a significant budget and paid staff. It also has a history of activism and a past tradition of struggle for social change. However, over the past period there has been little movement through the student union despite the potential that exists for mobilization.

Help Fightback Against Police Repression!

sfs hamiltonOn Thursday November 23rd, McMaster Special Constables kicked Fightback activist Maximiliano Guerrero off McMaster campus while attempting to attend an event held by the Socialist Fightback Students (SFS). This follows from the events in September where the Constables kicked Fightback activists off campus.

Thousands protest against racism in Montreal

On the afternoon of November 12th, thousands of people gathered in the cold streets of Montreal to protest racism and the far-right. The events of this past year have shown us that the far-right is emboldened; from Charlottesville to the shooting at the mosque in Quebec City. In addition to this, with the passing of the racist, islamophobic, Bill 62 these sorts of politics have become normalized. The presence of thousands on the streets shows that people have had enough and are organizing to fight back!

UofT prof Jordan Peterson targets Socialist Fightback Students activist

On October 26th, University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson made a Twitter and Facebook post with a link to the personal Facebook page of a Socialist Fightback Students activist. He also did the same to other allied activists which opened them up for targeted harassment. The professor, who gained notoriety for his refusal to use gender neutral pronouns, is known to have a large following among the far-right on social media. Immediately following the posts, our activist was subjected to a torrent of hateful messages by dozens of Peterson's followers. These posts included anti-Semitic images, slurs and violent threats. Open fascists were among those urged on by Peterson's posts. By sharing his profile, we hold Peterson directly responsible for enabling the harassment of our activist by the far-right.

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