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The Co-op Program: Valuable On the Job Training or Indentured Labour for the 21st Century

No to Co-Op Fee Increases

The University of Waterloo boasts that it has the most reputable co-op program in Canada, forming a foundation for many of its programs and boasting a “high success rate.” However, the program has come under scrutiny recently as the co-op fees were again raised at the beginning of the school year. This has caused a backlash, with an online petition and posters critical of the program appearing across campus. We need to end the exploitative nature of co-op placements, end all ancillary fees, and institute free education for all students.

Kitchener May Day: Maoists and anarchists suppress democratic rights

26814679 875018612657638 5008195542944532644 nOn May 1, an outdoor May Day celebration was organized in the Kitchener-Waterloo area at Victoria Park. This celebration of working class struggle and solidarity is an important tradition where different trends within the workers’ movement come together in the spirit of internationalism and class struggle against the capitalists. It is celebrated every year across the globe.

Socialist Fightback Students co-organize undergraduate student rally at York University

Socialist Fightback Students (SFS) co-organized a rally at York University with the York Federation of Students (YFS), which is the student union representing the university's 50,000 undergraduates. Given that it is exam season, it is impressive that over 100 students came out to fight for a full tuition refund, free education, and very importantly, to support striking university workers.

CUPE 3903 Strike Committee Bans Pro-Strike Students from the Picket Lines

31116764 10214115849563365 523693157766922240 nFightback continues to support the York University strike. Despite facing a political ban which represses our democratic rights, we continue to support the strike and work towards its victory. We were allowed to attend the picket line as individuals, which we did this past Monday and Friday.

Open letter to the York Federation of Students: Join the struggle!

rNLpEoz1 400x400Many undergraduates have become open to the idea of strike action by the example set by CUPE 3903. Undergraduates are angry at the millionaire administration, at rising tuitions, rising cost of living, at low-wage precarious jobs and at the chaos caused by the administration keeping classes open during the strike. Now is the time for the YFS to organize a fight.

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