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Rank-and-file pressure begins to shift the CFS: What are the tasks of student militants?

Over the past month, thousands of students across Canada have joined in massive displays of solidarity with the Quebec student movement.  This solidarity movement has not been limited to just students; it has also included the participation of trade unionists, young workers, teachers, and parents.  It has even caught the imagination of residents and onlookers who have joined in the casserole-inspired demonstrations marching through neighbourhoods in Toronto and other cities. The opportunity is there to build the student movement and build towards strike action. We must be able to present students with a strategy and method for actually carrying out such a struggle.

Lessons from Quebec: Student activists from UQAM speak in Toronto about spreading the student movement

More than 50 people attended a recent event at the University of Toronto, on Thursday 8th June, to hear two Quebec student activists. Nichola R. and Mohamed B. are students at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and supporters of La Riposte, Fightback’s sister French-language paper. Nichola and Mohamed were invited by Fightback and the Toronto Young New Democrats to come speak to students, workers, and those interested to learn about their experiences in the midst of the largest movement in Canadian history. The speakers shared their experiences, went into the theoretical approach necessary to build, and outlined the right methods to spread the student movement across the country.

How can we build the student movement across Canada?

The Quebec student movement has provided a beacon of hope for working people and youth across the world. The attempt by the Charest government to nearly double tuition fees in the province has sparked massive resistance. After some 16-weeks of student strikes and mass demonstrations, the government is shaking. This experience displays that mass mobilization, not lobbying, is the most effective method of fighting for accessible and free education.  The following article’s purpose is to outline how students across Canada can spread the movement to their campuses — to do precisely what the corporate elite fear — and to outline some important lessons that can be drawn from Quebec.

Canadian Marxists spread Quebec student strike on TV and radio

Fightback activists in English Canada have taken the initiative to spread the inspiring Quebec student strike across the country. In addition to launching an open letter calling on the Canadian Federation of Students to organize strike ballots for free education and to support the Quebec movement, Fightback's Farshad Azadian recently appeared on Sun News Network and Newstalk 1010 (CFRB) to defend the movement.

Statement on the Quebec student strike by Fightback (Canada) and La Riposte (Quebec)

The fantastic 12-week long Quebec student strikes mark a new stage in struggle in the Canadian state. However, while this outburst is new for Canada, it is merely the continuation of the international movement against austerity which we have witnessed: the Greek general strikes, the indignados movement in Spain, Wisconsin, the Occupy movement, the inspiration from the Arab revolutions, etc. A victory for the Quebec students is a victory for all workers and youth, both in Canada and around the world, and it is vital that everything possible is done to assure its success and draw out the necessary lessons.