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CUPE 3903 at a crossroads: surrender or fight and defy!

More than 100 days into the longest-ever strike in the university sector in English-speaking Canada, lecturers and graduate students at York University are facing a crossroads. Exhaustion and division in the union are undermining the struggle. While an important layer of the union rank and file want to continue the struggle and refuse to accept concessions, there is another layer that has become more and more demoralized.

Vote 'no’ on the ratification vote!

Cupe 3903 logoWe, Socialist Fightback Students, have stood shoulder to shoulder with our lecturers since the beginning of the strike at York University. Many of our profs have endured hardships and sacrifices fighting for retirement benefits, a first-of-its-kind sexual violence survivors’ fund, living wages, and many more things to improve our campus life. It was despicable to hear that two members of the Bargaining Team (from Unit 2) defected to the side of the administration by holding a secret meeting where it was decided to initiate a ratification vote on a concessionary agreement.

Strike at York University Enters Critical Stage

CUPE York StrikeThree months of strike by lecturers and teaching assistants at York University has created a deep crisis at the institution. Most classes during the winter term were not in session, and now the summer term has been shortened and course offerings heavily cut down. This is no surprise as most of the teaching at the university is done by striking members of CUPE 3903.

Marxists mobilize for ‘Racists Aren’t Welcome Here’ rally at Laurier University

32163043 1645379062177313 7859159860934344704 oOn Wednesday, May 9, about 45 Socialist Fightback Students activists from across Southern Ontario played a prominent role in the “Racists Aren’t Welcome Here” rally at Wilfrid Laurier University. The rally was held in response to repeated attempts by Lindsay Shepherd and the Laurier Society for Open Inquiry (LSOI) to invite far-right speakers to the campus.

Abolish the unelected board of governors: Fight for a democratic campus!

Comrade with 'Abolish the millionare board of governors!' placard.On May 1, 2018, the York University Board of Governors held its 458th meeting. This was held amidst the ongoing strike by CUPE 3903 at York University, which is now in its tenth week. The administration and board of governors have come under fire for their conduct during the strike. They have refused to bargain with the union, meeting with them only once so far throughout the strike. This has resulted in an effective lockout of the union, with the administration dragging out the struggle in hopes of starving out the union. The delay in resolving the strike has led to frustration among students, teachers, and workers on campus.

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