Socialist Fightback Students

The forces of Marxism multiply on Canadian campuses!

fightbackryersonThis fall, the forces of Marxism have spread across Canadian campuses as never before. In the face of economic crisis, youth are questioning capitalism and are searching for answers that only revolutionary Marxism can provide. Since the start of September, Socialist Fightback Students (SFS) have collected well over a thousand emails, sold hundreds of papers, and started dozens of revolutionary reading groups across Canada, thus enrolling a new wave of youth in the fight against capitalism.

Province-wide actions against Ford’s anti-protest law

fightfordRallies and meetings are being held across Ontario in opposition to Doug Ford’s new anti-protest law. The so-called “free speech on campus” policy will effectively ban student protests against racist and fascist speakers on campus. Students who refuse may face disciplinary action including expulsion. Universities unwilling to participate will have their funding stripped. This is an attack on freedom of speech, and must be resisted by all means necessary.

SIGN THE PETITION: Stop Doug Ford’s Anti-Protest Law!

fightfordOn Aug. 30, Doug Ford announced he would be forcing universities to adopt an Orwellian "free speech" policy. This is an attack on freedom of speech and aims to crack down on student protests. Under this new policy, student activists will face discipline and possible expulsion for simply protesting racist speakers on campus. This includes our own Socialist Fightback activists.

Doug Ford suppresses student protest under guise of ‘free speech’

Comrades of Fightback protesting against fascist speakersOn August 30, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced he will force all universities and colleges in Ontario to enforce a so-called “free speech policy”. Let us be very clear: this ‘“free speech policy” is in reality an anti-protest law; a muzzle for students who are rightly protesting fascists and racists on campus. This Orwellian doublespeak means that  Ford will be defending the “free speech” of his right-wing friends, while at the same time stripping that same right away from students and workers on campus.

Transit costs mount after VIVA ends bus service to YorkU

Viva Purple and Orange lines will no longer be travelling to York University.  (Photo Credit: DAVID COOPER / TORONTO STAR)On Wednesday, September 5, thousands of commuters from York Region learned that the VIVA Purple and Orange routes will no longer be going to York University. Students will now be forced to either take a YRT bus to Pioneer Village Station and walk 20 minutes to campus, or take the VIVA Orange to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and pay an additional $3.25 to take the subway to York University station. For a student who commutes 5 days a week, this means taking a less time efficient route, and spending an additional $180 a month. Some students will be required to use GO bus services due to these service changes, costing them upwards of an additional $5 per trip, or $400 of additional travel expenses per month. According to The Toronto Star, this change is the result of a binding agreement made by York Region Council and the TTC in 2009. The purpose of this was to avoid “duplication of services”, under the assumption that by the time the TTC subway extension was completed, the various regional transit systems (TTC, YRT/VIVA, Zum) would be integrated under one fare system. This is clearly not the case today.   

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