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What's Left of the Left?

There exists a peculiar tendency on the left in Canada to believe that in order to gain support, electorally or otherwise you must water down your politics to the point of oblivion. The argument is, the less you say, the fewer people you will offend, thereby broadening your base of support. This idea flies in the face of both history and common sense. As comical as this idea may sound, its results are often tragic. (May, 2005)

Election Day in British Columbia: NDP in trouble

Today is election-day in British Columbia and the BC New Democratic Party is trailing in the polls. After four years of right wing rule in British Columbia the province’s social services have been decimated. One third of the public sector has been laid off, hospitals and schools have been shut down and the minimum wage has been reduced by 20% for new workers. Gordon Campbell’s attacks have touched every sector of the working class, yet the NDP has failed to win the support of the majority of British Columbians. A series of compromises and betrayals from the leadership of the labour movement has led to a lull in the movement against the government. Only a year ago BC stood on the brink of a general strike, now all is quiet on the industrial front. This election should have been a cake walk for the NDP, but the drift to the right by the leadership has left workers uninspired. What a mess. (May, 2005)

The BC NDP After the Election: Leadership celebrates defeat & threatens to destroy the party

The BC New Democratic Party recently held a barbeque to “celebrate the election campaign”. Upon receiving an invitation, any sober member of the NDP would shake their head and wonder, “What are we celebrating? We lost!” Apparently someone forgot to inform the party leaders of the election results. Only a few months ago the NDP was ahead in the polls and a victory seemed almost assured. This election was handed to them on a silver platter, but they just didn’t know how to take it. (July, 2005)
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