NDP gains in Hochelaga, Quebec workers seek a labour party

On 9th November 2009, a federal by-election was held in the Montreal riding of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. The results show important gains for the NDP and that Quebecois workers are searching for an alternative to the traditional bourgeois parties. This includes the bourgeois-nationalist Bloc Quebecois, which has dominated this working-class area since 1993. In Quebec, these developments are important because the national question has historically been used to cut across the class struggle, preventing the formation of a genuine labour party.

Fightback welcomes the launch of the Toronto Young New Democrats

This coming Friday (29th Jan. 2010), the Toronto Young New Democrats will be launched.  Fightback welcomes the launch of this new city-wide youth club that will help to inject some much needed activism into the NDP.  For far too long, there hasn't been enough activity to attract young militants into the party; the TYND will be a great way to get young workers active and involved.

Where Now for the Take Back the Party campaign?

For 30 years, the NDP has been swinging to the right. If this process were to continue it would put at risk the very position of the party as the expression of the Canadian working class. Now, as the effects of the world crisis are weighing heavily on Canadian society, within the NDP there is an attempt to take the party back to the values it was originally built on.

Take Back the Party: Time for new leadership in the BC NDP

Fightback has long warned that the right-ward drift of the NDP leadership in British Columbia would hurt the party in the polls. The argument is often made that in order to win over “middle of the road voters,” you have to moderate your demands and program. In fact, history has proven that this moderation only leads to disaster. What is needed is a strong socialist program to inspire the mass of the population.

Report-back from the 2009 NDP Federal Convention

The 2009 Federal Convention of the New Democratic Party of Canada was held in Halifax recently. Normally, the party uses federal conventions to showcase its strengths. At the 2006 Convention in Quebec City, the party took a stand against the war in Afghanistan and passed its “troops out” policy. However, the convention in Halifax was markedly different in both form and content. There was not even the remotest mention of any policy that could be considered a new plank for the party’s platform.

2009 NDP Federal Convention: Say "No" to coalitions

The effects of the economic crisis have hit Canadian workers hard over the last year. As of the beginning of June, over 362,000 jobs had disappeared in Canada since October 2008. According to Statistics Canada, Canada's unemployment rate currently stands at a 15-year high, but is going to continue to grow for years to come. As one Toronto Star columnist put it, in this situation, one would expect for workers to be turning to Canada's “socialist” party, the NDP, in droves. But, the opposite is the case. Going into this summer's federal NDP convention, the NDP needs to stand up for workers and not enter into any more coaltions with the bosses' parties.

"Take Back the BC NDP!" First meeting a big success

Over 60 people crammed into a small meeting room in the first meeting of the "Take Back the Party!" campaign.  Organized by Fightback, the meeting discussed the recent lacklustre BC NDP campaign and ways in which the party can be revitalized and reconnect with working class people in BC.  Even though it was only the first meeting, the campaign has already received much support and attention.

VANCOUVER: Take Back the NDP (tonight @ 7pm)

The BC NDP offered little to go out and vote for in the last election. As a result, voters stayed home and Gordon Campbell and the Liberals took power. Again. Where was the voice of BC's working and marginalized people? Where was the party that represented our interests? As we begin another four years of cuts and service reductions, it's time for our voice to be heard.

No Coalition Resolutions

The NDP-Liberal coalition is on its last legs but unfortunately the NDP leadership will not recognize what a disaster it has been. Here are three resolutions to highlight the issue of the coalition. Please forward these resolutions widely and pass them at your riding association, youth/student group, union local, etc. Moving these resolutions is an excellent way to make it clear that there is no unanimous support for the leadership's actions amongst the rank-and-file.

NDP Québec Calls for Nationalization of Oil and Gas

NDP-Québec held its congress in Villeray, in Montréal, on November 15th and 16th. Approximately 200 delegates attended. Trade union representatives made important advances during this congress and delegates voted to support nationalization in the oil and gas sector.
Note: This congress occurred before the present coalition crisis.
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