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The First NDP Quebec Convention after the Orange Wave

On May 28th, three weeks after the election, more than 250 people packed a conference room at the Sheraton Hotel, Montreal, for the first NDP Quebec Convention since its historic victory in Quebec. It was by far the largest NDPQ convention in recent memory and it could not be otherwise. After all it has just gone from 1 seat to 59 seats, a number that the Bloc itself never reached in its 20-year political domination in Quebec.

Federal NDP convention: Right-wing fails to remove socialism

The New Democratic Party, fresh on the heels of an historic electoral victory, has just concluded its federal convention in Vancouver. Seven Fightback supporters from four different cities were there to intervene in the convention which, even before it began, was set to be a showcase for the balance of forces between the left and right wings of the party.

Defend socialism in the NDP

On the eve of the NDP's federal convention in Vancouver, the party is getting set to debate a motion to remove all references to socialism in the party's constitution. At a time of the greatest crisis of capitalism since the Great Depression, the mass uprising in the Arab world, and the complete rejection of Liberalism in the federal election, there could not be a more mistimed proposal. At this time of austerity and crisis, we do not need more capitalism — we need more socialism.

The new "friends" of the NDP: Say "no" to mergers; NDP must not save the Liberal Party

The breakthrough of the New Democratic Party in the recent federal election has reshaped the political landscape of Canada. Working class people across the country, and particularly in Quebec, rejected the status-quo parties of Canadian capitalism in a sweeping movement for change. And now the voices of the bosses are trying their best to come to terms with the new political reality.

How we (almost) defeated Bob Rae: Toronto Centre NDP's genuine working-class campaign

Toronto Centre-Rosedale has long been considered an unwinnable riding by the NDP.  However, by running a grassroots, activist, and socialist campaign in the recent federal election, the NDP more than doubled their vote in Toronto Centre and came within striking distance of defeating Bob Rae.  Solomon Muyoboke and Farshad Azadian, the campaign managers for the Toronto Centre NDP campaign and supporters of Fightback magazine, recount how socialist ideas can lead to victory.

Activist Youth Beat Back Red-Baiting

After almost 3 months of constant struggle the fight within the Ontario New Democratic Youth appears to have reached a settlement. At the November 27-28th Ontario NDP Provincial Council the activist youth failed to hold the positions they previously won on the ONDY executive, but they won a much more important battle. Red-baiting and the de-chartering of the Toronto Young New Democrats have been decisively defeated, and an executive was elected that appears to be further to the left than the previous exec and committed to more activism. The activism of the Toronto Young New Democrats, and their successful fight back against red-baiting, has led to the whole of ONDY being moved to the left with socialists recognized as a constituent part.

Ontario New Democratic Youth: Activism wins!

Those who are regular readers of Fightback will know that we have been at the forefront of fighting for an activist, democratic, and socialist NDP that can give workers and youth a reason to support the party. We believe that this is the way to defeat the corporate parties who, with their big-business backers, will always have more money and media support. We are very happy to report that this vision was overwhelmingly endorsed at the Ontario New Democratic Youth convention in Hamilton, held over the weekend of November 5th – 7th. Unfortunately, some who do not agree with this vision are not prepared to let the democratic opinion of the rank-and-file youth stand.

Time for new leadership in the BC NDP

With the resignation of Premier Gordon Campbell as leader of the BC Liberals, Carole James’ leadership of the BC NDP has once again been plunged into crisis. One by one, constituency executives are passing resolutions calling for a leadership convention. With the ranks of the party feeling the brunt of the capitalist crisis, there is simply no appetite for Carole James’ hopeless drift to the right. With the party facing a financial crisis, a declining membership, and a divided caucus, it seems that the only person left who believes Carole should stay on as leader is the leader herself!

2010 Ontario New Democratic Youth Convention: Historic win for the Left

This weekend in Hamilton saw the annual convention of the Ontario New Democratic Youth (ONDY), which turned into one of the most intense and crucial political battles that the NDP youth wing has ever seen. The ONDY has been sharply divided for weeks following the de-chartering of the Toronto Young New Democrats (TYND), one of the largest and strongest clubs, by the ONDY executive in a secret “in camera” meeting, using evidence that TYND members were not allowed to see. This un-democratic attack stemmed from the desire by members of the ONDY executive and certain Party staffers to rid the ONDY of so-called “radicals” by any means.

Defend democracy and socialism in the NDP!

On 8th October, the National Post published an article titled, “Not your father’s socialism.” It uncovered a plot by NDP brass to re-write the party’s constitution, eliminating any mention of socialism, economic planning, or nationalization.  Recently, in Ontario, sections of the party's youth bureaucracy have moved to de-charter the Toronto Young New Democrats, the most active youth club within the Ontario NDP in recent memory.  And, in BC, leader Carole James kicked out MLA Bob Simpson after the mildest of criticisms to her leadership.  Democratic freedom of thought, association, and criticism is essential to build a lively, active, and victorious movement. Any turn to the right is a short-cut off a cliff.