What's wrong with Jagmeet Singh?

JagmeetOn Monday, Jagmeet Singh was elected MP for Burnaby South. The NDP leader probably breathed a sigh of relief. Since becoming party chief in October 2017, Singh has been without a seat in Parliament. Rumours suggested that numerous party members were hoping for Singh's defeat to justify replacing him before the election in October. After Monday's result, his position as leader is safe—at least for now.

Interview with Jessa McLean, socialist NDP candidate for York-Simcoe

2019jessamcleansubmittedJessa McLean is the NDP candidate for York-Simcoe, a riding considered to be a Conservative stronghold. Mclean is a longtime activist and a self identified socialist. She has spoken openly about the misfortunes of the NDP, which she believes can be blamed on the party’s inability to provide bold, socialist policies that speak to working people. Fightback recently sat down with Mclean to hear her thoughts on issues affecting Canadians, the crisis of capitalism, and the direction she believes the NDP should be going.

Alberta NDP sleepwalking into a disaster

Premier Rachel Notley (Photo Credit: Jason Franson/ The Canadian Press)With more than 1200 party faithful attending, last week’s Alberta NDP convention was effectively a campaign launch for the coming May 2019 election. Enthusiastic cheers of “four more years” could be heard echoing through the Edmonton Westin Hotel conference room.

Notley’s Alberta NDP digging its own grave in pipeline dispute

Pictures of arrested comradesAfter enacting an embargo on BC wine, Rachel Notley’s Alberta NDP government has passed a law giving itself the power to halt fuel traffic to BC. This is all in a bid to bully the BC NDP/Green coalition government to drop its legal challenges to the $7.4-billion pipeline project. The reality of the situation is that these belligerent actions make it less likely that the pipeline will ever be built. By siding with the oil bosses, who hate the NDP, Notley will never get to dig a pipeline - instead she is digging her political grave.

Ryan Meili elected Saskatchewan NDP leader: A leftward shift or more of the same?

Saskatoon Meewasin MLA Ryan Meili is the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP after winning 55 per cent of the vote in the party leadership race. A practicing physician, Meili beat out his sole rival, Regina Rosemont MLA Trent Wotherspoon, with a campaign in which he pledged to take only individual donations—ultimately raising more money than Wotherspoon despite the latter’s support from the party establishment. Perceived as the most “left” candidate in his two previous bids for the party leadership in 2009 and 2013, Meili’s victory reflected a widespread desire for change among NDP supporters.

Federal NDP Convention 2018: A left-wing tune, but is anyone listening?

jagmeetThe NDP held its 2018 federal convention from Feb. 15-18 in Ottawa, Ontario. Delegates from across the country met in what newly elected NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called the most well-attended policy convention ever. The weekend was the scene of a cold war that turned hot at a few key points, between the party establishment looking for a stage-managed event and delegates who saw the meeting as an opportunity to push the party to the left. From Palestine, to free education, to universal dental coverage, the debates were obscured by maneuvering from party hacks attempting to shut discussion down through manipulation of the agenda.

Jagmeet Singh wins the NDP leadership; What does this mean?

Confounding the polls, Ontario MPP Jagmeet Singh won a commanding first ballot victory in the 2017 NDP leadership race. He gained 35,266 votes, 53.8% of the total, compared with 12,705 (19.4%) for Charlie Angus, 11,374 (17.4%) for Niki Ashton, and 6,164 (9.4%) for Guy Caron. This is a disappointing result for the left who had hoped that a Niki Ashton victory would represent a continuation of the international Corbyn/Sanders movement in Canada. What does the victory of Singh mean going forward?

Niki Ashton or bust! No second preference. Continue the fight.

Fightback is supporting Niki Ashton in the NDP leadership race as the best opportunity to advance socialist ideas within the party. But as NDP members receive their leadership voting ballots, many are considering who to place as second preference. Fightback is recommending that those who have been enthused by Ashton’s candidacy, and who want to fight for socialism, do not issue a second preference in the vote. Instead, make a clear statement and continue the fight for socialist ideas inside and outside the party.

NDP Leadership Race Buries Mulcair Legacy

ndp leadership first debateAlmost a year and a half after the Federal NDP’s disappointing election result, the party leadership race has begun in earnest. Four candidates have declared so far: Niki Ashton, Charlie Angus, Guy Caron, and Peter Julian. What is notable is that at the March 12th leadership debate none of the candidates defended the Mulcair legacy of moving the party to the right, and all appeared to be turning towards the left to some degree or another. This represents an interesting dynamic and is reflective of broader class polarization and radicalization in society.

Alberta NDP Under Attack Over Carbon Tax

Notley ClimateSince toppling the 44-year Progressive Conservative dynasty in Alberta, Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP have been subject to constant and rabid abuse. The Tories and the corporate media have yet to recover from the shock of being robbed of what they thought was their God-given right to rule. The latest anti-NDP craze is around the issue of the recently passed carbon tax legislation. On Saturday November 4th, thousands were mobilized across Alberta by right-wing forces to oppose this legislation.

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