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UPDATE: Unionist fired for fighting for safe working conditions

UPDATE: Workers' Compensation Board has ruled against EasyPark and a solidarity picket is being organized for Friday 8th May.

On 12 April, 2009 Jim Mullaly, a CUPE 1004 Health and Safety Rep and union activist, was fired from his job at EasyPark in Vancouver. EasyPark is a public-private partnership owned by the City of Vancouver and the Downtown Vancouver Association. Mr Mullaly recently led a safety campaign demanding proper ventilation and clean air in the underground parkade that he works in.

Fightback Demands the Immediate and Unconditional Release of Alison Bodine!

Near midnight on Thursday September 13, 2007 Alison Bodine, political organizer and social justice activist was arrested by RCMP and Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Alison, a US-citizen, was arrested when she attempted to cross the border at Peace-Arch border crossing, traveling from Canada into the United States. She was handcuffed, detained, and her passport taken away from her, with no information given about the basis for her arrest, or the charges that she was facing.