Union bends over backwards, York University “not inclined”

After the appointment of a mediator, and a significant reduction in bargaining demands by CUPE 3903, the University administration is holding firm. They are backed up by every other university in the country and want to make an example of the York workers. Corporate Canada is increasing its clamour for "back-to-work" legislation and putting pressure on Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty. Support the York workers in their fight for accessible education and free collective bargaining.

Workers at York U. Defeat Forced Ratification

On Jan 9, York University appealed to the Ministry of Labour to bring its latest offer directly to the union membership for ratification. The vote took place on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Ten days after the administration walked away from the bargaining table, the results are in: Workers have voted to reject the offer. Is this a surprise? Not really.

10 Years of Fighting Back!

January 2009 marks the 10th year that Fightback’s ideas have been present in the Canadian labour movement. Back in 1999, a small group of young activists, largely members of the NDP youth in Vancouver and Edmonton, launched the paper L’Humanité to defend Marxist ideas and promote working class unity (especially between Anglophone and Francophone workers – hence the name). Since then, we have gone from strength to strength. To resonate better with workers in struggle, we changed the name to Fightback, which now has a regular readership from Victoria, to Calgary, from Toronto to Montreal and Halifax. To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we are revisiting a subject that was addressed in our very first issue.

Possible Teachers Strike in Ontario

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario have just rejected the last proposal put forth by the Ministry of Education. The rejection of this proposal sets the stage for further labour unrest in the province.

Solidarity Campaign – York University Strikers Must Win!

Workers at York University in Toronto have been on strike since November 6th. The political impact of this strike is in many ways far more important than the actual bargaining issues. York University workers, represented by CUPE local 3903, have traditionally been amongst the most militant in Canada. The York contract is a model for all university workers. Many of these workers are also students and therefore the victory of this strike is a victory in the fight for free accessible education for working class students. Thousands of students recently demonstrated for lower fees in numbers not seen in a decade and many other campus workers are heading into possible strikes. Therefore this strike has the potential of becoming the spark that ignites a generalized movement.

Sign on to Fightback's solidarity campaign to ensure a victory at York!

Viva Worker’s Strike—A Fight for Basic Rights

Workers at Viva Transit North of Toronto have been on strike since October 2nd. 160 workers are fighting a multinational corporation for better working conditions and sick pay. Fightback has been supporting these workers on the line. Now more than ever we need increased workers' solidarity against the bosses.

GM’s betrayal of Oshawa workers - The law means nothing when profit is at stake

The past few weeks at GM Oshawa have shown that workers cannot trust the bosses to provide well-paying jobs. At the same time, we have seen that workers are prepared to fight to protect their jobs. The only things lacking are a leadership that has the same militancy as the rank-and-file, and the ideas to take this militancy forward.

Canada: 5000 Rally at Oshawa GM Truck Plant to save jobs - Blockade in its 10th day

Yesterday, the Canadian Auto Workers local 222 held a solidarity rally outside the gates of the Oshawa GM truck plant. There was a real sense of anger amongst the workers present, most of whom were from union families, but this was not the normal crowd that attends demonstrations. These are people who either directly or indirectly will be hit hard by the lay offs.

'Fightback' Visit to GM Blockade, June 4th 2008

The mood of the workers was very militant and it is quite clear that they are willing to remain on the picket lines for as long as it takes to win. Terry McDonald, a member of the Oshawa Local's bargaining committee, told Fightback, "We're right. We're going to stay as long as it takes for them to realise that."
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