Lockout at the Journal de Montréal: Workers fight back against Quebecor

The 24th January marked the one-year anniversary of the lockout at the Journal de Montreal newspaper. The 253 members of the reporting and office staff were locked out after a contract dispute over salary, benefits, and media convergence. The issue of media convergence is one that the union has been fighting against.

Defend Toronto transit workers’ right to strike!

These days, it seems that not a week goes by without Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty threatening workers with some new cut or attack. His latest volley is aimed squarely at the workers of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) who have been the most successful in fending off attacks from the bosses and the government.

Defend Montreal oil workers! Stop the closure of the Shell refinery!

On 7th January, Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced its plans to shut down its refinery in East Montreal. Shell intends to transform the refinery, which currently produces 130,000 barrels a day, into a fuel terminal. The conversion will take roughly a year according to a spokesperson for the company. After the conversion, the Montreal East facility will receive gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel (most likely from Europe), which will continue to be distributed through Shell's nearby terminal in Montreal. This would be the second major oil refinery in Canada to close after Petro Canada shut down their Oakville refinery in 2005. The union that represents workers at the Shell refinery has already sounded the alarm that the company is trying to close down the plant in July.

Vale/Inco strike in Sudbury continues

The Vale/Inco strike is entering its fifth month with no end in sight. Despite the efforts of the corporate press to attack the striking workers, community support for the strikers remains strong. By fighting back and winning support from the community these workers are showing that there is another option to capitalism’s race to the bottom.

Teaching assistants with CUPE 3906 strike at McMaster University

On 2nd November 2009, 2,700 teaching assistants unionized in CUPE 3906 at McMaster University in Hamilton went out on strike. Although this strike didn't end successfully for workers, combined with recent attacks on university workers and students elsewhere in Ontario, this strike demonstrated the need for solidarity and united action in fighting for better working conditions and better conditions for all students.

Support striking HandyDart workers in Vancouver

HandyDart workers in Greater Vancouver, unionized under ATU 1724, are now on strike. The private company in charge of operating HandyDart services is looking to eliminate the pension plan, slash benefits, and cut shifts in half, amongst other concessions they are looking to extract from workers. This is a big shift for HandyDart workers who have never struck in their 30-year history. At the heart of the dispute is a collision of interests as HandyDart service shifts from a user managed, non-profit service to a profit-making enterprise.

Fightback opposes removal of democracy in CUPE 3903

On October 27th, 2009 CUPE local 3903 (teaching assistants and sessional lecturers at York University) was put under administration by CUPE National. Administration means that the executive and members of local 3903 lose the ability to make their own decisions and the ability to determine their own fate.  Fightback opposes this dictatorial measure and welcomes the attempt by CUPE 3903 members to take back their union.

Sudbury Steelworkers and the 2009 Labour Dispute

Sudbury, Ontario: Home of the Big Nickel, education capital of the north, mining town, working class town. Sudbury has different associations for different people. This past year, however, Sudbury is becoming more widely known because of labour unrest. On 19th September 2008 a fire completely devastated Sudbury's Steelworker hall, burning it to the ground. Looking back now, this event was a foreshadowing of a fiery year ahead for the residents of Greater Sudbury.

Report from Unite-Here rally in Vancouver: Justice for Coast Hotel workers!

Vancouver Fightback supporters attended a rally in support of the workers of the Coast Plaza Hotel, a hotel in Vancouver's West End that is closing. The owners are building a new hotel nearby, the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel. In a blatant attempt to break the Hotel's union, the owners are refusing to transfer any of the 150 workers who stand to lose their jobs when the Plaza Hotel closes. Many of the workers, who are organized with Unite Here, have been working for Coast for decades and have been making a living wage.

Looking Back at the Summer of the Strike

The weather wasn't the only thing that was hot this summer. A series of confrontations between workers and the bosses this summer showed that despite the fact that many workers are fearing for their jobs and their livelihoods, they would not idly sit back while the bosses, the banks, and the government attempted to attack workers' living standards. On this Labour Day, we can look back at how workers are capable of fighting back, and winning, during this economic crisis.

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