Telus workers declare they've had enough! TWU members hit the picket line across BC and Alberta

Telus workers across BC and Alberta have been on the picket lines since Thursday July 21st, making it clear that they will not roll over and take the offer that the company is trying to impose. In five years without a contract, the members of the Telecommunications Workers Union have put up with Telus stalling, conniving, and repeatedly bargaining in bad faith, in a blatant attempt to break the union. (July, 2005)

The Truth about the Midway: No "Day at the Fair" for Workers

In spite of the bright lights and cheerful façade that traditionally has come to characterise the fair-going experience, there lies something far more sinister than the poly-saturated fats found in most carnival foods. What emerges is a reality of wide-spread labour violations whose magnitude would seem almost as ridiculous as the clowns, if they weren't so heinous and shameless. (September, 2005)

Arise, ye wretched of the university!

It's that time again. Time for university and college students to head back to school for yet another year. And for yet another year, students will have to suffer record high tuition fees that restrict post-secondary education for more and more young people. This brutal affair has been going on for nearly a decade now; tuition is double what it was in 1995 and it's only getting worse. (September, 2005)

Canadian labour movement heats up: Tactics for victory on the picket line

For about a month, the Truckers' strike at the Port of Vancouver was front and centre in Canada's mainstream media - 'costing British Columbia's economy $75 million a day' ... 'guns fired on the line' ... 'government pressured to intervene' ... It should be no surprise that the story was dropped abruptly when it became clear that the truckers were going to win. The ruling class is correct to be afraid of the repercussions of word getting out about the truckers' victory. (September, 2005)

Book Review: Canadian Bolsheviks: The early years of the Communist Party of Canada, by Ian Angus

It is with great happiness that we welcome the reprinting of Ian Angus' book Canadian Bolsheviks. First printed in 1981, this book details the birth, growth, and eventual Stalinist degeneration of the Communist Party of Canada covering the period from WWI to the mid 1930s. Angus provides an excellent antidote to both the Stalinist "official" history and to dry academic histories that see Marxism and Leninism as identical to Stalinism. Most importantly the book details the lessons learned by the early communists while building the most successful revolutionary party in Canada's history. In the words of Angus, "They have a lot to teach us." (January, 2005)

CBC Locked Out across Canada!

Public broadcasting is one of many sectors whose funding has been slashed by the stooges of big business in government. As a result, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has taken the same approach to cost cutting as used in all sectors; they have chosen to attack the benefits and security of the workers. Management is trying to force through a new contract on their employees - a contract eliminating restrictions on the broadcaster's ability to contract out work instead of hiring full-time employees. (September, 2005)

49% of Canadians Support Nationalizing Oil Industry

In the last five years, gas prices in Canada have soared from about 65-cents per litre to over $1.10. This price hike hits the working class hardest. While the right wing are trying to blame taxes for the increase, the majority of Canadians see that corporate super-profits are the real culprit. In a recent poll, 49% of Canadians (and 67% of Quebecers) support nationalizing the oil industry. As Marxists have contended, support for radical policies is far higher than generally realized. This issue could mobilize millions given the correct lead. (by Alex Grant)

Victory to the Teachers!

Yet again, the BC Liberal Government has removed the democratic right of employees to strike. From the UBC TA's, to the ferry workers and hospital employees, workers rights and public programs are coming under constant attack. Now the Liberals plan to use BC's teachers as their next layer of cannon fodder. On, October 7th, 42 000 public school teachers will illegally walk the line in defence of their right to collectively bargain, to go on strike and to save education for BC's youth.

General Strike begins in British Columbia!

In a matter of days, all of the contradictions that have been building over the last four years in British Columbia have come to the fore. Gordon Campbell's mis-named Liberals have spent their time in power attacking the working class - slashing social programs, closing schools and hospitals, ripping up collective agreements and sending tuition sky-rocketing. This has been met with several waves of unrest. The movement has passed through many different stages; the working class has learned from bitter experience. Now this battle is reaching new heights. The province stands on the brink of an all-out general strike.

Teachers prove BC is ready for a General Strike

As the dust settles around the British Columbia teachers' strike there is an uneasy calm hanging over the province. Two facts are immediately apparent - first, neither the government nor the labour movement were decisively defeated; and second, this was only a dress rehearsal for the bigger battle to come in the spring.
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