Labour Fightback

Support striking workers at Renaud-Bray bookstores

Around 250 workers at Renaud-Bray bookstores in Quebec went on a 48-hour strike this past weekend after 10 months of fruitless negotiation where management has refused to fulfill not even one of the workers’ demands. The workers have been negotiating since November of last year. Earlier this month, the workers overwhelmingly voted for a strike mandate, with 81% supporting the need to go on strike if negotiations did not move forward.

Quebec: Construction workers on first industry-wide strike in 20 years

Five unions, which represent a total of 175,000 construction workers across Quebec, went on strike as of Sunday midnight when negotiation broke down. This is the first province-wide strike of construction workers in 20 years. Union leader Yves Ouellet said, “We have the right to strike and that’s what we are going to do.” Construction across the province has ground to a stop, hurting the bosses’ pocketbooks.

Alberta prison guards’ wildcat: a lesson for the entire labour movement

A wildcat strike by prison guards shook Alberta, paralyzing the prison system and quickly escalating. The government's response to safety complaints by workers in the prison system only provoked anger; what started as a wildcat strike at one remand centre quickly spread across the province, affecting every correctional facility in the province. The government has agreed to a safety review and the strike is over. There are lessons for the entire labour movement in this inspiring militant strike.

End the Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Good enough to work, good enough to stay!

One of the most disgraceful aspects of Canadian labour policy has come under the spotlight after Canadian banking giant RBC recently sacked 45 workers within their information technology (IT) division, outsourcing those jobs to lower-waged workers from India.  What was supposed to be a minor shuffling of jobs has, instead, become a raging scandal. Ostensibly meant to help fill labour shortages in Canada, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, in reality, is an opening for the bosses to further push down wages for all workers, in addition to massively exploiting foreign workers who are not subject to the same labour laws as their Canadian counterparts.

Strike at Porter Airlines: Workers fight for decent wages and safety

Since the beginning of January, Porter Airlines aircraft fuelers at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto have been on strike over safer working conditions and a living wage. The 22 fuelers formed a union after they suffered years of continued understaffing, high turnover rates, and serious injuries on the job.  Over the last three months, Porter Airlines Inc., has put forward a relentless and stubborn attack on the unionized workers, refusing to pay them anything less than poverty wages and even neglecting health and safety concerns. This is a circumstance far too familiar for workers across this country today, as companies increasingly strategize to cut costs by all means necessary in order to maintain their profits.

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