Labour Fightback

Ken Georgetti defeated; Canadian Labour Congress shifts to the left

An important shift has taken place in the Canadian labour movement.  For the first time in history, a sitting president of the Canadian Labour Congress, which represents 3.3-million workers, has lost an election.  A long-shot challenge from a militant, but well-connected, staffer for the Public Service Alliance of Canada shook the CLC leadership enough to expose their divisions. When the dust settled, the largest convention in the history of the CLC, with nearly 5,000 delegates, elected brother Hassan Yussuff as president of the CLC by a margin of just 40 votes.

Trouble in the oil patch: Oil workers sacked in favour of temporary foreign workers

In early February, 65 workers at the Kearl tar sands mine in Northern Alberta were laid off without warning or reason. The workers, highly-skilled tradespeople and members of the Ironworkers Union, contend that their sacking came about because the company operating the mine wanted to hire cheaper labour from Croatia.  This is the fate facing workers, even in the highly profitable oil sector, under capitalism today.

Support striking truck drivers at the Port of Metro Vancouver!

Over 400 truck drivers organized with Unifor-Vancouver Container Truckers' Association (Unifor-VCTA) have set up pickets at the Port of Metro Vancouver Authority.  They have gone on strike after rejecting a last minute deal that only contained minor concessions from the Metro Vancouver Port authority. They join the 1,000 truck drivers of the United Truck Drivers Association who have been on strike since Feb 26. It is estimated that over 90% of traffic through the port has now been stopped. Both unionized and non-unionized truck drivers are fighting for the right to make a fair living.

Toronto NDP youth organize town-hall to stop the attacks on Canada Post

On Fri. Jan. 27, the Toronto Young New Democrats (TYND) organized a town-hall meeting titled “Save Canada Post”. The meeting was well attended with over 60 in attendance representing NDP youth, both rank-and-file and elected representatives from CUPW, and other activists from around the city. Everyone there recognized the vital need to stop the attacks on Canada's public postal service.

Save Canada Post!

On December 11, the day after Parliament broke for Christmas holidays, Canada Post’s management announced that they plan to end home mail delivery.  The bombshell announcement came as a complete shock to many.  While Conservative MPs maintain that this decision was made solely by the Crown corporation without input from the government, this explanation is believed by no one.  Tory MPs were quick to fall back on the government line that these cuts were necessary to ensure the future viability of Canada Post. In fact, they are likely designed to do the precise opposite — to prepare for the break-up and privatization of the Crown corporation, and the destruction of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

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