Labour Fightback

Sessional instructors and graduate students at U of T and YorkU vote to go on strike: Defeat the Zero Mandate! Defeat Wynne’s austerity plan!

Workers at the University of Toronto and York University have held strike votes and received a mandate to potentially take strike action. Both groups of workers are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), in locals 3902 and 3903 respectively. Together, the unions represent nearly 11,000 academic staff at the two universities. These workers provide approximately 50 per cent of the teaching workload, yet comprise around 8 per cent of the university budget. The overwork, underpayment, lack of security, and work hours all have a negative effect on the quality of education for students.


Support BC teachers and the right to collective bargaining!

As this article is being written, BC schools remain empty even though the first day of school was supposed to have arrived for thousands of students. The province’s 40,000 teachers remain on strike, locked out, or both, depending on whom you ask.  The provincially-appointed mediator, Vince Ready, walked out on negotiations over the weekend claiming that the sides were “too far apart”. With no end in sight to the dispute, it is clear that the BC government has no interest in negotiating and is looking to hammer teachers.

Unifor workers take a stand against Bombardier in Thunder Bay

Members of Unifor local 1075, consisting of 900 trades and assembly line workers at Bombardier's Thunder Bay plant, have been on strike since July 14 over the issue of pensions and benefits for newer hires. This follows a strike in 2011 over more or less the same issues, which once again has Bombardier demanding concessions of its workers at the same time that its business continues to boom.

Urgent: Support the struggle to nationalize the occupied factory Flasko

The Flasko factory in Brazil, which has been occupied and run under workers’ control, needs your help. For eleven years this factory has been run without bosses and under the control of the workers. Now they are waging a struggle to have the factory officially nationalized under workers’ control. Flasko needs 10,000 signatures by June 17 to force a public hearing in the Brazilian Senate to discuss their proposal of expropriation of the occupied factory. Please sign using the link below to help the comrades reach this target.

The ABCs of the BC teachers' strike

On May 26, teachers across B.C. took to the picket lines in a series of rotating strikes, protesting the unwillingness of the B.C. government to bargain on key issues. The teachers, represented by the B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), have maintained that class size and composition are equally a part of contract negotiations as wages. The government is adamant that teachers should accept lesser wage increases and that class size and composition are not negotiable. This is only the latest dispute in a 12-year saga that has left a lasting mark on the labour movement of B.C.

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